Scream Queens Revival in the Works!

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Scream Queens may not be done. 

The Fox series was canceled in May 2017 after two low-rated seasons, but co-creator, Ryan Murphy has opened up about the possibility of bringing the series back in some form. 

sq season 3

“So many people recently have been asking me about rebooting or continuing Scream Queens (RIP, taken too soon)," he shared via Instagram, adding:

"Emma, Billie, Lea and I have mused on it, but question: should it be a six episode limited? A catch up movie? Who should I bring back? Would love your thoughts. So many questions….”

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Based on the wording of his statement, it sounds like he wants to bring some of the fan-favorites back, and wants the fans themselves to help him decide whether it should be a movie or remain as a TV series. 

Adding fuel to the fire is that Emma Roberts who played Chanel Oberlin on both seasons liked the post from Murphy. 

Ariana Grande, who recurred on Scream Queens Season 1 also liked the post, so there's that. 

Scream Queens Season 1 was set in a sorority, where a serial killer goes on a murderous rampage. Scream Queens Season 2 focused on some of the original characters, but in a spooky hospital setting.

The show also starred Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Glen Powell, and Niecy Nash.

Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 10 concluded with Chanel being confronted by someone wearing the mask the original killer wore, implying that a potential third iteration would return to a college setting. 

On the Move - Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 9

Scream Queens Season 2 averaged just 1.4 million viewers and a 0.6 rating in the demo, so the original cancellation made sense. 

It's doubtful that Fox would be looking to be home to any future seasons, especially when you consider that the network is already bursting at the seams with content that is more popular. 

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That being said, many fans voiced their displeasure at the show not landing on FX alongside American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and FEUD. 

It's possible that the new series/movie could launch on cable if it gets the green light. Either that, or it could make its way to streaming. 

The Final Plan - Scream Queens

Murphy has a rich overall deal with Netflix, but it's hard to imagine 20th Century Fox Television allowing the series to make the jump to the streaming destination. 

What are your thoughts on this news, Scream Queens Fanatics?

Hit the comments below. 

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