Sex and the City Follow-Up in the Works at Paramount TV

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While a third Sex and the City will likely never happen, it looks like a new story set in the Sex and the City universe could be told. 

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Paramount TV is entertaining the possibility of a series based on Candace Bushnell's novel Is There Still Sex in the City?

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Bushnell wrote the original book the HBO TV series was originally based on, but there's no telling whether the original cast members would sign up to such a project. 

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THR does note that there's no word yet on whether the potential series would be a sequel. 

The book is slated to be released in August and examines sex, friendship, and dating after turning 50. 

"It didn't used to be this way. At one time, fifty-something meant the beginning of retirement — working less, spending more time on your hobbies, with your friends, who like you were sliding into a more leisurely lifestyle," said Bushnell in a statement to the website.

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"In short, retirement-age folks weren't meant to do much of anything but get older and a bit heavier. They weren't expected to exercise, start new business ventures, move to a different state, have casual sex with strangers, and start all over again."

"But this is exactly what the lives of a lot of fifty- and sixty-something women look like today, and I'm thrilled to be reflecting the rich, complexity of their reality on the page and now on the screen."

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Despite reports of a third Sex and the City movie, it has emerged that it will not be going ahead after a breakdown in the relationship between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

The original series ran for six seasons on HBO and was a roaring success. 

Parker did slip back into her Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe for a recent Super Bowl Stella Artois ad. 

Have a look below. 

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Sex and the City Quotes

Carrie: The longer I sat at that table, the more alone I felt. And it really hit me: I am 35 and alone!
Miranda: You are not alone.
Carrie: No, I know I have you guys, but...and really, I hate myself a little for saying this, felt really sad not to have a man in my life who cares about me. No special guy to wish me happy birthday. No goddamn soulmate. And I don't even know if I belive in soulmates.
Charlotte: Don't laugh at me, but maybe we could be each others soulmates? And then we could let men be just these great nice guys to have fun with?
Samantha: Well, that sounds like a plan.
Carrie: I'm 35. 35 is not 25.
Miranda: Thank God!
Carrie: I'm 35!
Samantha: Oh, shut the f*** up. I'm 140!

Samantha is crying
Carrie: What's going on, why are you crying?
Samantha: James has a small dick.
Carrie: Well, it's not the end of the world.
Samantha: It's really small.
Miranda: How small?
Samantha: Too small.
Carrie: Well, size isn't everything....
Samantha: Three inches.....
Carrie: Well....
Samantha: Hard!
Charlotte: Is he a good kisser?
Samantha: Oh, who the fuck cares! His dick is like a gherkin!