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Did Gladys find herself on the outs with the entire town?

On Riverdale Season 3 Episode 15, the recent returnee thought it would be fun to prepare a 50th birthday party for FP. 

Bruised and Bloodied Archie - Riverdale Season 3 Episode 15

However, Jughead learned some shocking details about her return and took swift action. 

Meanwhile, Jughead and Betty had to find a way to help Archie battle his demons once and for all. 

Did another game of G&G put another life on the line?

Light Betty - Riverdale Season 3 Episode 14

Elsewhere, Cheryl and Toni found themselves at a crossroads. 

What happened to them?

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Toni: Cheryl, I love you. And yet, I can’t spend all my time cooped up in that house and in your bedroom.
Cheryl: Our bedroom!
Toni: That’s exactly it, it doesn’t feel like our bedroom. It’s entirely yours ... your space.
Cheryl: It sounds, Toni, that you regret moving in with me.
Toni: Well maybe it was too soon? Too fast.
Cheryl: In that case, maybe you moving out is exactly what needs to happen!
[Cheryl walks away]

Hiram: No, I want you to keep those ... and the gym.
Archie: I appreciate you helping me out this week, Mr. Lodge, but I don’t want to be in your debt,
Hiram: It’s not a debt, Archie. It’s compensation. It’s a way for me to make amends since I was responsible for launching the Red Paladin quest in the first place.
[Hiram pushes the keys]
Hiram: Take the keys. The gym is yours ... no strings attached.
[Moment of silence]
Archie: Thank you, Mr. Lodge.
[Archie takes the keys and leaves]