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Gladys is revealed to have purchased Betty's home; no one knew about who bought it. Betty is going to stay at Veronica's home.

Jughead found The Red Paladin card in Warden Norton's crime file. Someone printed multiple murder cards.

Cheryl wants to take Toni to Quebec for a romantic trip. Toni can't because she's planning a trip with the Pretty Poisons. Tensions flare between them.

Hiram is revealed to have given the cards to Warden Norton and Tall Boy. He printed 12 cards to hand out to fanatical players in hopes of killing Archie. Hiram honors his truce with Archie; he gives him details on areas where the attackers might be.

Cheryl brings snacks for Toni. She gets upset seeing Veronica and Toni singing "Call Your Girlfriend" by Robyn.

FP and Alice ends things because he wants to pursue a reconciliation with Gladys.

Reggie makes a request to be a partner at La Bonne Nuit. Veronica rejects his offer.

Jughead confonts Gladys about what she's doing in town; he finds her moves suspicious. She wants to have a real relationship with them and fix things. Gladys sold the chopshop in Toledo.

Jughead agrees to do a speech for FP's 50th birthday party.

Each of the Southside Serpents will be paired with an officer to learn the ropes. Jughead rides with FP; they attend to a Fizzle Rocks case at Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe.

Nana Blossom tells Cheryl that Toni gave her money for rent.

Reggie is mad that Veronica paid him a little more than minimum wage.

The owner of the comic book store reveals that the cards went through the store, but potential attackers will take their time. Defeating the Red Paladin is an advanced quest.

Veronica tells Betty that Gladys is taking over the Fizzle Rocks trade. Betty plans to tell Jughead.

Betty, Jughead, and Archie go through a list of people who might be assassins. They come up with a plan for Archie to battle the attacks on their own field.

Betty tells Jughead that her source confirms Gladys' plot to takeover Fizzle Rocks.

Hiram gives Archie keys to an abandoned boxing ring that he can use for his fight against the Gargoyle followers. Jughead sends the Serpents out to deliver the fake notices and investigate news of the Fizzle Rocks.

Reggie tries to steal his car back from Gladys; he gets caught. Veronicca agrees to cover the charge of the theft in exchange for covering the cost of FP's birthday party. Reggie is furious with Veronica.

Cheryl attends La Bonne Nuit to gamble. Toni is suspicious of her motives.

Followers of the Gargoyle King arrive to fight the Red Paladin. Archie bare-knuckle boxes a few of them; he gets a few bloody wounds.

Toni catches Cheryl trying to break into Veronica's safe. They makeout and have sex in the bar.

Captain Golightly, Warden Norton's former lapdog, has the 12th card from The Gargoyle King. He triggers a fight with Archie. Archie knocks him out and wins the battle against all the followers.

Toni decides to move out of Cheryl's house because she thinks it was too soon for their relationship. Cheryl agrees and demands she leaves.

Hiram gives Archie the gym as an apology for starting the quest in the first place.

Veronica bought Reggie's car back from Gladys; she gives him the keys. They no longer owe something to each other.

Jughead confronts Gladys about taking over the Fizzle Rocks trade. She forces him to never tell FP the truth of how they got the money for Betty's house.

Fred wishes FP a happy birthday and proud that they're going to be neighbors.

Cheryl threatens Kevin and forces him to do Heathers: The Musical as the next town musical.

Jughead gives a birthday speech for FP. He decides not to spill the truth of Gladys to FP.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Toni: Cheryl, I love you. And yet, I can’t spend all my time cooped up in that house and in your bedroom.
Cheryl: Our bedroom!
Toni: That’s exactly it, it doesn’t feel like our bedroom. It’s entirely yours ... your space.
Cheryl: It sounds, Toni, that you regret moving in with me.
Toni: Well maybe it was too soon? Too fast.
Cheryl: In that case, maybe you moving out is exactly what needs to happen!
[Cheryl walks away]

Hiram: No, I want you to keep those ... and the gym.
Archie: I appreciate you helping me out this week, Mr. Lodge, but I don’t want to be in your debt,
Hiram: It’s not a debt, Archie. It’s compensation. It’s a way for me to make amends since I was responsible for launching the Red Paladin quest in the first place.
[Hiram pushes the keys]
Hiram: Take the keys. The gym is yours ... no strings attached.
[Moment of silence]
Archie: Thank you, Mr. Lodge.
[Archie takes the keys and leaves]