The Code Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Back on the Block

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Abe and company always seem to find a way.

A sitting U.S. Congressman didn't escape justice despite all the interference run by his supporters on The Code Season 1 Episode 4.

It was encouraging to see that killing an innocent civilian 15 years earlier didn't just get swept under the rug, despite all the blowback that taking on such a case created.

Delicate Situation -- Tall - The Code Season 1 Episode 4

Abe isn't a creature of nuance. As far as he was concerned, a murder is a murder, regardless of who died and who killed.

Col. Turnbull has to be more of a big-picture person. She could see all the obstacles they would face when trying to convict Bobby Jones.

Poor Harper got thrown off the case as soon as she identified Jones as a Congressman since, as Glenn tactfully explained, just being from San Francisco is "a stance."

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Apparently if she had come from rural Alabama, that wouldn't have been an issue.

The Code has done a wonderful job of being topical, and that continued in this episode.

The team's biggest problem was Chris Cavello, the dying Marine who told about then-Lt. Jones killing an Iraqi civilian while his platoon watched.

Unhappy Surprise - The Code Season 1 Episode 4

Like too many returning veterans, Cavello hadn't reitegrated into civilian life well, ending up homeless.

That made it easy for Jones's supporters to paint him as mentally ill or a substance abuser or both.

His deathbed declaration meant that the Marine lawyers had to investigate the allegation, even though it was going to be an uphill battle.

That's why Glenn advised Trey and Abe to find corroboration for Cavello's story before they even thought about interrogating Jones, which would set his disinformation campaign in action. 

But none of the other Marines in that platoon, aware of Jones's current position would back Cavello's story.

Which led Abe to do a very Abe-like maneuver, question Jones, knowing that Cavello's being smeared would force Tico to come forward and back Cavello's version of the incident.

That gave Glenn the ammunition she needed to arrest Jones but not near enough to convict him at the court-martial.

Uphill Battle - The Code Season 1 Episode 4

The next obstacle was Col. Riggle, who, as the commander of that region of Iraq, would be the convening authority for Jones's court-martial.

Jones got himself an expensive private defense attorney, who went to work twisting around the words of the prosecution's only witness, Tico.

But Tico rose to the occasion, delivering a spirited tribute to his friend Cavello which shut up the defense attorney and caused him to call for a recess.

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Then the defense put up another Marine, likely bought off, who delivered a new slant on the events, testifying that the civilian was badly injured and Jones was putting him out of his misery.

There was no way that a judge's instructions were going to cause the panel members to ignore this likely invented story. So he suggested offering a lesser charge, involuntary manslaughter, for which the panel voted.

Abe and Trey had a minor victory. But even that was taken away when Riggle set aside the verdict.

Sibling Cooperation - The Code Season 1 Episode 4

Then Abe did another Abe-like thing, confronting Riggle with all his biases, such as promoting Jones's political career. Surprisingly, Abe's moral indignation didn't carry the day.

Instead, more hard work led to a report which proved that a Polish sniper had seen Jones murder the civilian and that Riggle knew about that report.

That meant that Jones could get prosecuted for conspiracy. Based on the current political climate, being convicted of covering up a crime might not be enough to derail Jones's career, but it would be a win of sorts.

Maya had a busy week as well, helping out her brother Matt with his state-senate campaign. 

It's a good thing that Matt was running for a state office. If it were anything higher profile, his taking psych meds would certainly have come out, ruining his chance for election.

It was amusing to watch Maya personify the Foghorn Leghorn politician against whom Matt was running during debate prep. 

Possible Promotion - The Code Season 1 Episode 4

Only Maya would understand what Matt's odd behavior meant -- that he was off his meds, causing him to act paranoid. 

But how does Matt think he could be a legislator while on his drugs if he couldn't take them while just campaigning?

Poor Maya. In addition to worrying about her brother, she got good news-bad news from her superior, Lt. Col Tally.

He was getting promoting to judge. That meant that Maya had to pick up her caseload. But he was recommending that Maya take over his position.

She jumped the gun, trying to poach Harper before she even got the position. It was a vote of confidence in Harper, which had to be encouraging for her.

Col. Turnbull opted to go in a different direction because he felt that Maya needed more seasoning. She was probably right.

Busy Man - The Code Season 1 Episode 4

Trey is at a crossroads.

It appeared that Glenn was about to offer him lead defense counsel.

He's also trying to start a family and wants to write a biography about black sheriff Bass Reeves, supposedly the inspiration for the Lone Ranger.

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Abe has just made the selfless gesture of covering Trey's paperwork so that he would have time to write.

So now what?

A better question is if Trey takes the job, who's going to save Abe from his worse impulses or at the very least cover for him?

It should prove to be an intriguing shakeup in the office.

To review the office personnel, watch The Code online.

Who should be promoted, Trey or Maya?

Should Matt be running for office?

Is Jones's career over?

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The Code Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Harper: How many men named Robert Jones were in the Marine Corps in 2004, do ya think?
Abe: More than a handful and less than a quorum?

Maya: I think I know how to gauge an audience. I represented Springhill High at nationals.
Abe: Did you do it while trying to embody a 60-year-old millionaire named Bryson?