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What was the next stage of Icicle's plan?

That was revealed on The Flash Season 5 Episode 19 when the villain popped back up to cause some more problems.

Caitlin and her mother, Dr. Carla Tannhauser realized that they needed to put the past behind them if they were going to be able to stop the villain in his tracks.

Meanwhile, Barry tried to make a decision about the family without consulting Iris and all hell broke loose.

Danielle Panabaker Behind The Lens - The Flash Season 5 Episode 18

Iris set out to even the odds against the villain, while also trying to save her daughter from harm's way.

Did she make the right call?

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Barry: Damnit Iris she lied to us for months!
Iris: Yea and she explained why.
Barry: That she was working with Thawne?! That honestly doesn't bother you?
Iris: No, it doesn’t.
Barry: Maybe if he killed your mother in front of you, you’d feel differently.
Iris: Maybe you feeling differently Barry, is why we should have made this decision together.

Iris: We have been through so much crap. We have been through so much therapy, but you are still making decisions based on your emotions!
Barry: Because I’m right this time!
Iris: Flashpoint? Going to the speed force and leaving me? Were you right those times too?