Clara Review: Troian Bellisario & Patrick J. Adams Shine in Sci-Fi Romance

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In theaters and On Demand Friday, May 3 comes Clara, a new feature film starring Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellisario.

The real-life couple attempts to conquer love and the stars in the sky in this moving, thoughful tale.

Written by Akash Sherman (The Rocket List), Clara tells the story of Isaac Bruno (Adams), an astronomer consumed by the search for life beyond Earth.

Clara Couple

Convinced that the universe is a dark and lonely place, Isaac meets Clara (Bellisario), an artist who shares his fascination for the wonders of space.

What unfolds is a beautiful and mystifying story as Isaac begins to open his heart and mind as a result of meeting Clara.

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Despite her lack of scientific experience, Clara convinces Isaac to take a chance on her contagious passion for life and the possibilities of the universe.

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Clara's quick understanding of Isaac's world and her determination to prove herself worthy of Isaac's trust takes them on a remarkable journey on which they connect both professionally and personally.

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Through their coexistance for the project, their connection deepens as they begin to speak the same langage and share a common dream of discovering life on another planet.

The movie works well in both its capacity as science fiction fare and as a serious, heart-felt romantic film.

Clara Sparkles

Of course, the chemistry between Bellisario and Adams is off the charts, but even better is how easy it seems for them to share ths screen.

They've starred together before on Pretty Little Liars and Suits, but never have we seen them share so much of their time on screen together. To be honest, part of the appeal is watching the actors we've come to know individually as a collaborative on-screen duo.

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The love story between Isaac and Clara isn't blatant, so don't expect a flashy look at love. They're not giving away their love just for the sake of their fans, but still, they're one hell of a collaborative team.

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The scientific aspect of Clara is well-thought out and isn't a tease. If you're a fan of science fiction as am I, then you have seen your fair share of movies that use it more as a prop than an actual driving plot.

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Yes, the love story comes alive because Isaac and Clara connect through science, but the science never takes a back seat. It's a fully fleshed-out story in it's own right compounded by the relationship Isaac and Clara find while studying science.

In addition to the leads, Being Human star Kristen Hager costars as a friend from Isaac's past.

Isaac Writes

To work, Clara attempts to go deep by requesting that you invest in the science and understand Isaac's profound sadness and need to find something bigger in the world to validate his existence.

Don't watch if you're looking for either a full-blown love story or a traditional sci-fi film, but do watch if you're in the mood for an uplifting flick that dances around both topics with a credible cast and a terrific ending.

If you're in the mood to ponder the universe and reflect on love, choose Clara On Demand this weekend.

Clara will be in select theaters on On Demand Friday, May 3, 2019.


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