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What/If launched on Netflix less than a week ago, and the show is probably best described as comfort food for the mind. 

With bizarre, soapy twists, it's not a TV show to be taken seriously, and Mike Kelley, the creator of the show has revealed that one twist, in particular, was one of the reasons why Renee Zellwegger signed on the dotted line to appear. 

A Turning Point on What/If

What/If Season 1 Episode 9, titled "WTF" revealed that Lisa Ruiz-Donovan's birth mother is none other than devious billionaire, Anne (Zellwegger.)

"It was a big reason, I think, why Renee signed on," Kelley revealed to TVLine.

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"It occurred to me that there wasn't any female version of Darth Vader out there. Like, 'Come rule the galaxy with me.'

"It was important to me that everyone knew what they were signing up for, and they were all game."

Anne Montgomery on What/If

"The trick on this show was the tone – how to strike it and how to have a lot of fun."

Kelley is well-known for delivering twists on his shows. He was the creator of ABC's similarly sudsy drama, Revenge. 

The final episode of What/If Season 1 found Lisa getting the upper hand on Anne by ruining her reputation. 

Anne followed this up by seemingly commiting suicide and sending an audio note of her machinations to the media. 

Renee Zellwegger on What/If

The soapy first season closed with Lisa seemingly sending a message during an interview, as though she knows Anne miraculously survived a fire. 

In the final scene, it was revealed that Anne was watching the interview with her daughter from a sunny locale, confirming she did indeed survive. 

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"What I decided to do with this finale was have each of the characters take a step towards their future and leave the audience to decide what those futures look like," Kelley said of the finale. 

"Having Lisa look at Anne and vice versa is kind of provocative. What it says to me is that in Lisa's heart of hearts, she believes Anne is still out there."

What Now? - What/If

"And in Anne's world, she's actually won. She wins either way. Either she gets everything including Lisa, or Lisa becomes a better version of herself, which is also a victory."

"Whether or not Anne would choose to muddle that up later, I don't know, but I do know she takes pleasure in where Lisa ended up."

As for whether any of these storylines will be picked up in a potential second season, it's unlikely. 

When Netflix ordered What/If, it was described as an anthology series. 

What did you think of all the twists? 

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