Whiskey Cavalier: Why Can't We Have Escapist TV and Other Nice Things?!

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There are probably many fans drowning their sorrows in whiskey shots after the cancelation of Whiskey Cavalier.

They are not alone. The ratings may not have necessarily reflected it, but the fun spy-dramedy had a loyal fan following, and it's devastating when a cult favorite gets the ax.

If there is any hope on the horizon, it's in knowing that there are rumors that Warner Bros is doing its best to shop the series around to see if anyone is willing to take it on.

A Set of Besties - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 2

Not only does Whiskey have a loyal following, but it is an international hit, so there is a market there for a save and renewal from someone, anyone willing to take the chance.

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However, it's frustrating how little space there is on network television for anything out of the norm. Whiskey Cavalier was fun, zany, and quirky.

It was like a mini-movie every hour with stellar action sequences, gorgeous scenic shots, witty and fun oneliners, and snappy dialogue.

Edgar's Perfect Reaction

It also had one of the best cast to come out of the slate of new series. The chemistry among Foley, Cohan, Ortiz, Williams, Das, and Hopkins was special and one of a kind.

More than anything else, they are what kept fans coming back week after week. They are why it was easy to fall in love with these characters and this series.

What was apparent from the beginning is how much this cast adored the series; they put everything they had into it and their characters. The dedication and love for their series were refreshing, and they didn't take it for granted.

Undercover Geeks - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 5

They relocated to another country to push out a fun series all could enjoy.

As if the cancelation wasn't hard enough, Scott Foley taking to Instagram to lament the news with his tearful and emotional wife and co-star Marika Domińczyk beside him was enough to reduce fans to tears themselves.

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Foley shined as Will Chase. The dichotomy of Will's masculine and feminine traits coming together in the form of a badass super spy with a heart of gold was part of the show's charm.

Breakup Blues

Foley and Cohan played off of one another nicely, and while Frankie Trowbridge's characterization was at times inconsistent, the way Frankie and Will balanced one another out was the perfect odd-couple trope which makes for optimal viewing.

Ana Ortiz was delightful as the fiery, smart, and kickass Susan, and Josh Hopkins made a character who should have been offputting one of the most endearing by the back half of the season.

Tyler James Williams' return to television was highly-anticipated for diehard fans of his, and it was well worth the wait. Standish was one of the funniest and most likable characters of the series from the beginning and served as one of the ultimate scene-stealers.

Standish Shows Off

Of course, that brings me to Vir Das who served as the other scene-stealer of the bunch and whose Jai Datta became a fan-favorite.

Jai's arc of becoming a standoffish weapons analyst who didn't play well with others to someone who gradually let his guard down and learned how to let his teammates "in" was one of the best arcs of the season.

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The characters were appealing and lovable in their own right, and the various relationships forged whether it was the bromance between Jai and Standish, or the near paternal vibe between Will and Standish, or the unexpected bond between Susan and Ray were intriguing.

Mind Reader - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 2

So it begged the question, how did the series end up canceled? The #SaveWhiskeyCavalier campaign is taking off, and legions of fans from all over are making their voices heard, so how could a series so beloved become a casualty to the chopping block?

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Whiskey Cavalier was refreshing in how fun and cheesy it was. The problem is there seems to be very little room for series that don't fall into a specific genre.

As the years progress, it's evident that there is little space for oddball shows which aren't medical dramas, primetime soap operas, or procedurals.

Undercover - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 1

Family sitcom comedies are a success, but for an hour-long series which falls between comedy and dramedy, there is very little success.

Fun and escapist television aren't enough anymore for networks, and they barely give shows the chance to take off before they write them off.

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The Art of Seduction - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 2

It's a frustrating circular pattern which finds fans unwilling to invest in a show which may end up canceled, and networks are unwilling to continue a series if the ratings aren't there.

And with more people turning to stream services and other avenues to watch their favorite series, the rating system is bordering on outdated and obsolete, but it remains a primary marker for deciding what's successful and what is not.

Jai Has All the Tea - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier

Have we not learned how it fares when beloved series like Lucifer and Designated Survivor are canceled only to find success on streaming services instead?

Whiskey Cavalier was heavily promoted and had a nice launch after The Oscars.

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It didn't pick up the steam the network hoped, but it didn't feel worthy of a cancelation so soon. It was too close to call it, especially taking in how well it does in delayed viewing and on an international level.

It's frustrating how little space there is for something unique. Whiskey Cavalier's cancelation stings, in the way Deception stung, and the fan-favorite Take Two.

School Daze  - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 11

The network is clambering for its next Castle fix, but if they're holding everything that may come close to it to the same standard as Castle instead of judging it by its merit, their standards are unattainable. The times have changed, and it's an impossible expectation to place on new shows out of the gate.

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Alternative genre shows are not given the same flexibility as the typical procedural or other types of shows that networks churn out by the bulk.

Funny Trio - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 1

Whiskey Cavalier was not a perfect series. It had a few flaws it needed to work through, but nothing they couldn't have improved on, but would they have ever received the time and space to improve?

Why do we expect something to be perfect from the beginning in the first place?

While it had hints of the "will they/won't they" fans and networks alike adore, the series had a larger theme of "Found Family." It was a classic case of misfits coming together and learning how to save the world as a unit.

Wine Not Whiskey

It didn't take itself too seriously, and maybe the concept of watching a series for the sheer fun of it doesn't translate well anymore, but it could if only those type of series could forge their path in the television landscape unhindered.

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Whiskey Cavalier has a great cast with incredible chemistry. The characters are fun, compelling, and endearing. The series is pure entertainment the entire family can watch together.

(Unfortunately) He's Back! - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 2

It's a wonder it didn't get moved to another night or an earlier timeslot to take advantage of that. The series has so much heart and a knack for stealing yours in the process of experiencing it.

It has potential which may never be reached in the aftermath of the cancellation, assuming no one else picks up the series. It could also prove to be a perfect summer series too if that were ever an option.

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Whiskey Cavalier is unlike anything currently airing at the moment.

It has retro/throwback vibes to campy series which brought the family together. It has the perfect blend of cheesiness, action, and witty banter and fun as some of the best actions movies of the past and present.

Run Will, Run! - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 1

Every installment was a blast! So, in the wake of this cancelation of another enjoyable series which makes you laugh and smile for the sake of laughing and smiling, I ask, when did that stop being good enough?

Why can't we have cheesy fun, and uncomplicated, escapist television? What happened to a series being unapologetically fun and silly just for the sake of it?

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An entire audience of people is craving this type of niche dramedy to take their mind off of things and enjoy, but it's taken away no sooner than it's offered. There is a large demographic whose needs are not getting met, and it's unfortunate.

Jai and Standish Chest Bump

What will it take for those fans to have something stick? Why can't we have nice things?

Whiskey fans are fighting the good fight. I hope it's a success, and the cast and crew are certainly deserving of a break as much as the fans. The #SaveWhiskeyCavalier campaign is going strong.

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Over to you. Are you bummed about this cancelation? Do you think we'll ever get the type of escapist television we've been craving? Should Whiskey Cavalier be picked up somewhere else? Hit the comments below.

The finale episodes of Whiskey Cavalier air Wednesdays on ABC. 

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