Big Brother Recap: Who Got Evicted First?

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Big Brother's two-night premiere event continued Wednesday night, and it picked up in the immediate aftermath of Tuesday's Camp Director twist. 

An alliance was born, four people were forced to fight for their Big Brother Lives, one person was evicted, and one person won the first Head of Household competition of the season. 

Big Brother 21 First HOH Competition

The moment we learned that Jackson would be the Camp Director, Julie revealed that he had a big task at hand:

He had to vote to banish four people from the house, with only three of them guaranteed to return to the game. 

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The other houseguests quickly started the process of making their case not to be banished from the game to the person who was in power. 

Jessica Milagros - Big Brother

Jessica makes a plea that she's loyal to him, which was odd given that they had just went head-to-head in the vote for Camp Director. 

Everyone except Kemi went to Jackson with a game plan, and her response was that was not about to scratch his back. 

Which poses the following question:

What kind of game is Kemi playing?

Kemi Faknule - Big Brother

The whole point of Big Brother is to make connections to stay in the game, and Kemi emerged as an immediate candidate thanks to her lack of social skills. 

This will probably hinder Kemi down the line, even if she manages to coast by with that mantra for a few weeks. 

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Jackson wondered whether the best course of action would be to banish the other three people who volunteered for the Camp Director position. 

They were Cliff, Jessica, and David. Jackson turned to David to tell him that he could be going up as a pawn. David knew that could spell an early exit, and told Jackson that he would not be happy to do that. 

Jackson Michie - Big Brother

But Jackson failed to take any of that on board, nominating Kemi, David, Jessica, and Cliff. 

The four made their way out of the house, into a lavish set that resembled woods. They each had to find a way back into the house in complete darkness. 

There were misdirects along the way which annoyed the four people who were fighting for their life in the game. 

Jackson was in the house, hoping and praying that David was the one eliminated. In a surprising development, Jackson lost his place in the house. 

David Alexander - Big Brother

Julie revealed that he was out of the game, but remembered to say "for now." She later revealed that there would be a first for the franchise during an episode next week, probably alluding to a redemption island-like twist. 

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Jack and Jackson started to think about the bigger picture. They needed numbers in the house and wanted strong and reliable players to help them out. 

They ultimately craft a 6-person alliance with Isabella, Christie, Nick, and Holly. They are a formidable force, but one person ominously missing was Tommy, aka the person Christie knew before entering the house. 

In a heartwarming moment, the pair vowed to keep the secret and protect each other as much as possible. 

Christie Murphy - Big Brother

The HOH competition was an endurance one that Christie dominated from start to finish. In a surprising feat, she and Tommy were the final two standing. They may well win the game!

What did you think of all the latest developments?

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Big Brother continues Sunday with a brand new competition. 

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