Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Is the Love of Sami's Life?

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Eve covered up for Claire, Sami and Lucas rallied around Will, and the Brady family came together to remember Caroline this week on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tony and LumiForeverandAlways from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to discuss Caroline Brady’s wake, the love of Sami’s life, if Eve’s vendetta is justified, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Did Days do justice to Caroline Brady’s legacy with her one episode wake?

Tony: What they did, they did well.

LumiForeverandAlways: Don't get me wrong, the wake was wonderful but I do wish they did something else as well. Maybe a plaque in the Brady Pub like they have in the square for Tom and Alice.

Jack: Yes and no. I thought it was well done and a loving tribute. But I also thought that it was way too small. Where were Jennifer, Julie, and Maggie? Abe's family should have been there too and Frankie and Max definitely should have come in for it.

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And nobody even mentioned where Andrew was. If Theresa was taking care of Kim, why couldn't she and Shane make an appearance? Eve should have been there too -- though she didn't always get along with her stepmother and is not a Brady by blood, Caroline was good to her.

Rex should not have been at the hospital during it either, and Sami's kids definitely should have been there with her.

Christine: What they did was good but Caroline deserved so much more. Where were the flashbacks! There were so many special, powerful scenes they could have shown with her children and Victor.

I read on Twitter that the writers had written in several flashbacks but they were all edited out due to time. That was a real disservice to fans. The wake could have easily spanned two episodes, both the fans and Peggy McCay deserved that.

Lucas and Sami Come Home - Days of Our Lives

It was said that EJ is the love of Sami’s life but Sami is the love of Lucas’ life. Do you agree? (Take our poll at the end!)

Tony: The first part, I disagree wholeheartedly! The second, yes. I feel that Sami and Lucas are the loves of each other’s lives.

LumiForeverandAlways: It was said that EJ is the love of Sami's life but I don't think he is, I think Lucas is and yes, I believe despite everything she has done to him throughout the years Sami is truly the love of Lucas' life. He will never stop loving her and she will never stop loving him.

I only got into Days because of Lumi. In fact, I agree so much I have just started a podcast called Lumi Days all about Lumi and their love and friendship. #teamlumiforeverandalways

Jack: Not at all. The way Sami and Lucas interacted made it very clear to me, as always, that Lucas is the love of Sami's life, not EJ.

EJ and Sami's relationship was nothing but backstabbing and out scheming each other and began with EJ forcing Sami to have sex with him because he was jealous of Lucas. There is not and has never been a love story there.

Christine: A much as I hated the way EJ and Sami began, I do believe he is the love of her life. They challenge one another in a way that no one else can. There’s been a love and passion between EJ and Sami for years. They light up the screen together.

However, I do think Sami is the love of Lucas’ life. They truly are best friends and parent well together. They always know they can rely on each other. Although I love Lucas and Sami, I agree with what was said in the episode.

Eve Fights With Jen Again - Days of Our Lives

Is Eve’s vendetta against Ben justified?

Tony: Not exactly, I get that Ben killed her daughter, so she shouldn’t like the guy or want him around, but the way she’s going about things just doesn’t sit right with me.

LumiForeverandAlways: I get that she thinks he killed Paige but she needs to learn to move on with her life and forgive and forget because sometimes its the only way.

Jack: No. Ben already went to jail for killing Paige. He happened to be released. I can understand her pain and anger, but the truth is that she is dishonoring Paige's memory with this.

Paige would have been the first to tell her to cut this out and point out that this kind of behavior is why she distances herself from Eve.

Plus, how exactly does protecting a woman who has attempted to murder three people equal revenge against a man who successfully did the same thing?

Christine: As a mom, I understand her rage. To have to see the person who murdered your daughter walking around free would be extremely difficult. But I also understand that Ben is mentally ill and needed treatment.

My biggest issue is with how Eve is corrupting the law to get her way. That’s completely wrong. And as Jack said above, she’s enabling Claire who has tried to murder three people. Paige would be appalled.

Research Partners - Days of Our Lives

Is Rex pushing to get married now because he feels Sarah slipping away or because he’s just so in love with her that he doesn’t want to wait?

Tony: I think he’s pushing to get married. Rex is not an idiot (even though he’s been portrayed as one since his return).

LumiForeverandAlways: I think that Rex is pushing to get married because he is jealous of the bond that Sarah shares with his brother, Eric, and wants to find out once and for all if she truly does love him.

To be honest, I'm surprised that they got as far as marriage again after he had Baby Emily with Mimi.

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Jack: I think both. I think Rex is "in love" the way 13-year-olds tend to be. It's all puppy dog eyes and roses for him.

And like any young teen, Rex thinks the way to hold onto the object of his infatuation is to ask for a commitment from her before she can make one to someone else. Only... Rex is not actually 13 and should know better.

Christine: He feels Sarah slipping away and thinks he can keep her if they’re married. The funny thing is, I’m not even sure that Rex is completely conscious of that.

Eric is Fooled - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Eric should be romantically paired with Nicole, Sarah, or someone else?

Tony: Someone else. I don’t know who, but I don’t really like him with Sarah or Nicole (real or otherwise).

LumiForeverandAlways: I believe that it would be nice for someone fresh to come in who is suited to Eric. I don't think Sarah or Nicole are suited to him.

Jack: I have always, always wanted Eric to give Eve a try and I wouldn't mind seeing that. Nicole does not exist at the moment, so he can't be romantically paired with her and Eric and Sarah have zero chemistry.

Christine: If the real Nicole were around I wouldn’t mind them giving a relationship a try because there’s always been some sort of ridiculous obstacle in their way. But Sarah and Eric have no chemistry.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing Eric and Eve give it a shot but I’d be shocked if that worked out long term.

Claire Gets Unhinged - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Tony: The lame excuse for Kimberly and Theresa not being at the wake, Frankie and Max, too. All of Caroline’s living children should have been there.

I know there are real-world reasons why they weren’t, but I feel the powers that be could have tried harder or worked something out. This is why filming eight months in advance doesn’t work.

LumiForeverandAlways: Nothing disappointed me this week.

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Jack: Inserting this Claire story into Caroline's wake. That was disrespectful and distracting.

And why in the world were Justin and Adrienne not supporting Sonny while Will was supposedly dying, or coming to their impromptu wedding?

Christine: The lack of flashbacks at the wake was a huge disappointment, as well as several characters not being there. Stephanie, Chelsea, and Andrew weren’t even mentioned. They had months to work on this and they could have done better.

(TALL) Toasting to Caroline - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Tony: Though the turnout was underwhelming, the wake for Caroline was touching and very well done! Seeing that flashback of Shawn and Caroline at the end was great, as was their spirits watching the family at the very end!

LumiForeverandAlways: My two fave quotes were when Lucas said to Sami he loves Will more than anything in this world and the thing he loves the most about him is the you (Sami) in him. My other favorite quote was when Kate said to Marlena Lucas may not be the love of her life but he sure does love her (About Lucas and Sami)

My favorite storyline was the return of Lucas and Sami. My favorite scenes were when Sami and Lucas told Will he has come to their rescue so many times and Will comforts Lucas and I also liked the chapel scene between Lumi and Eric. I was just happy Lumi had lots of scenes together

Jack: I loved Caroline's wake, but the best scenes were Victor and Hope talking about his love for Caroline and Victor admitting to himself that Caroline was the love of his life.

Christine: I loved seeing Lucas and Sami back. I’ve missed them and always love seeing them interacting a parents.

Saying Goodbye to Caroline - Days of Our Lives

Your turn TV Fanatics! Who do you consider the love of Sami's life?

Want to chat more about the happenings in Salem? Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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