Big Brother Spoilers: Who Got Backdoored?

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Things can change on a dime inside the Big Brother house, and it looks like the end could be near for one player who has managed hide in plain sight for much of the season. 

When Sunday's episode concluded, Jessica and Cliff were on the block, but what happened next? 

Here's your latest spoiler report for Big Brother 21. 

Nick Maccarone - Big Brother

Okay, so Nicole told Nick and Bella that the Gr8ful alliance planned on targetting one of them this week if they did not find themselves with the power. 

But Nick and Bella learned that right before the nominations ceremony and had no time to change their plans, and more importantly, to get some answers. 

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On Friday night, Gr8ful plus Sam came together to compare notes, and Nick and Bella wanted answers. In a bizarre twist, everyone managed to make it seem like Nicole was playing two sides. 

This made her public enemy number one, and her game was put on the line. Nick, who previously promised to keep her changed focus, and said he would be putting her up following the veto. 

Kathryn Dunn - Big Brother

But who won the veto?

Kat. Yes, Kat actually managed to win a competition. It's unclear whether it was thrown to her, but she was very proud of herself because she managed to avoid the block this week. 

She planned on using it to save Jessica, paving the way for Nicole to be put on the block. 

But on Monday, paranoia was at an all-time high and Christie started pleading with Kat to not use the veto. She thought Nick was about to backdoor her. 

Christie Murphy on Big Brother Season 21

It was horrible to watch, but remember that Christie also has the diamond power of veto, meaning that she can change one of the nominations with a player of her choosing at the eviction. 

Christie and some of her minions previously decided to blindside Nick and Bella by sending Cliff home and using Nicole to target the pair next week. 

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That plan went sideways when Christie's paranoia got the better of her, and she revealed the truth about her secret power to Nick and Bella. 

When it came to the veto meeting, Kat saved Jessica and Nicole went up in her place, but it's still unclear whether the save Nicole mission is in play. 

Nicole Anthony - Big Brother

What do you want to happen?

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Big Brother continues Wednesday at 9/8c.


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