Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Eve Destroy the Serum?

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Eve and Jack had it out with the serum hanging in the balance, Susan Banks returned for a hot mess of a minute, and it appeared Andre Dimera was back from the dead!

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Andy and Trey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Eve will destroy the serum, is Jack headed back to Jennifer, which Salem couple is the most fun, and more…

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Do you think Eve will destroy what’s left of the serum? Can Jack stop her?

Andy: I think Eve will stop short of destroying what's left of the serum. She's done some pretty despicable things over the years, but she's not without a heart buried deep, deep down.

Either Jack will talk her down or she'll recognize the pain and desperation in his eyes and back down.

Jack: Ugh, I hope she doesn't! I hate the idea of Jack being permanently without memories, although if she does... it could be fun if Xander double-crossed her and she actually smashed the placebo.

Trey: Yes and no. I think she'll destroy it in front of Jack but I think it's the fake serum. She's not stupid. Eve always needs to have leverage. She's a survivor who always finds a way to get the upper hand.

I don't think she'll make a Jack and Jennifer reunion, especially if she feels she's in love with Jack.

Christine: She might. Eve feels abandoned, once again, by someone she loves. She’s hurt and angry. Even though Eve betrayed Jack, she feels like she’s the one being betrayed.

Eve views Jack taking the serum as him choosing to leave her and she could do almost anything to either stop it or get or revenge.

Moving On or Not? (Tall) - Days of Our Lives

Even without the serum, will learning what Eve has done send Jack back to Jennifer?

Andy: I think it's been set up for Jack to attempt to go back to Jennifer now, but she will have moved on. Maybe not with Henry or another man, but just having put Jack behind her.

If I was Jennifer, I'd have a hard time forgiving Jack for his behavior over the past several months. With or without his memories, he behaved terribly. I think he'll repair his relationship with JJ and Abigail first, and that will lead to reconciliation with Jennifer.

Days of Our Lives Classic Couple Spotlight: Jack and Jennifer

Jack: I think so. He seemed to finally wake up to what Eve’s really like, and he was disgusted with the way she used him to hurt Jennifer.

Trey: I think Jack is lost. He's searching for something that's missing in his life. It's a shame that Eve didn't trust him because I think there was a chance that maybe even after getting his memory Jack would have gone back to Eve. But now she's guaranteed there's no future for the two of them.

Christine: Yes, but I don’t think Jennifer will just take him back. He’s done some horrible things and he’s going to have to earn her back and that’ going to take time.

Gabi's Bizarre Encounter - Days of Our Lives

Andre Dimera appears to be alive. Who would you like to see him interact with in Salem? Will he go along with Kristen’s plan to oust Stefan?

Andy: I'm probably most looking forward to Andre's interactions with Kate and Gabi. Gabi in particular, since his "death" led to her going to jail and becoming unable to have more children.

Plus they were butting heads before his death over Gabi Chic, and will likely continue to clash if Andre goes after Stefan. Which I'm sure he will, he'll want to be back as Dimera in charge.

Jack: It remains to see if this is Andre, Tony, or Andre masquerading as Tony. If it is Andre, Andre vs. Xander could be fun, and I'd love to see him mess with Eve a bit.

Andre has not been much of a team player in his life and I suspect if he goes along with Kristen's plan it's because he plans to double-cross her at some point and take Dimera Enterprises for himself.

Also, Andre and Kate have a LOT of unfinished business that I'd love to see them deal with.

Trey: I don't know! Andre and Kate had a great thing, but it was left very rocky. Andre has always been unpredictable, and he was never a fan of Kristen and Peter.

Plus, he played the good guy and still wound up losing in the end. I think he's got a vendetta now. So, I think he'll go along with crazy Kristen, but only to get the upper hand against her and to be victorious overall.

Christine: I want to see him with Kate if this is Andre because you just never know. Like others have said, I think he’ll go along with Kristen as long as it suits his own plan, and then he’ll turn on her and try to take Dimera Enterprises for himself.

Susan v. Fake Susan - Days of Our Lives

Rate Susan Banks’ latest return to Salem from 1(what a waste of time) to 10 (It was huge fun!)

Andy: I enjoyed Kristen dressing up as Susan and causing trouble with Xander and Brady last week more than the real Susan's appearance, but it was good soapy fun to have them both in the mix at the same time. And it was short and sweet, she didn't overstay her welcome for once. I'll give it a 7.

Jack: I'm giving it a 3. I always enjoy Susan, but this was pointless. Will, Sonny, and Brady still have no clue that the first "Susan" they interacted with was actually Kristen, and Susan did a quick tour of people she likes more than they like her, then left again.

Days of Our Lives Review: The Broken Hearts Club

Then Kristen immediately got her mask back and became Nicole again. So Susan added nothing to this story at all.

Trey: Confession: I have never been a fan of Susan Banks. I think she's stupid and irritating. So personally, I rate her a 1.

However, my kids think she's funny and would rate her much higher. I think it's a clever use of Susan this time around, but the character is still horribly irritating.

Christine: I agree with Trey. More often than not, Susan is irritating. Besides a couple of mildly entertaining scenes where Kristen as Susan was messing with Brady, this was a complete waste of time that changed nothing. I give it a 2.

Plotting Against a Common Enemy - Days of Our Lives

Which current Salem couple is the most fun right now and why?

Andy: I've consciously chosen to separate Brandon's Stefan from Tyler's Stefan, so I can pretend this one hasn't done all the horrible things the other one did.

With that, I love, love, love Stefan and Gabi together. They have great chemistry, and the love/hate relationship is really working for me. Definitely the most interesting relationship on the show right now.

Jack: There are so few rootable couples right now. I always enjoy Julie and Doug's deep, abiding love for one another.

I wouldn't exactly call Ben and Ciara fun since they're always trying to prove Ben didn't do something or comforting each other after the latest person to attack Ciara, but at least there's some hints of romance there.

Trey: There are a few that I'm rooting for, but the one that I can't wait to see what happens next is Stephan and Gabi. I think Gabi is falling for Stefan. She's in too deep.

What started out as a vendetta has become a sexy love story (or at least I hope). They are sexy together. I would also say Xander and Sarah because Xander's unrequited love is kind of sweet.

Christine: I’m with Andy. I’ve chosen to separate the old Stefan from the new Stefan, and in doing so, I’m enjoying the heck out of Gabi and Stefan. They are both hot and fun and I’m looking forward to them becoming a real couple.

Tripp Tries to Help Haley - Days of Our Lives

Do you have a specific pet peeve about Days of Our Lives that you’d like to see change?

Andy: Just one? Let's see...the show definitely struggles to introduce new, interesting characters. They either rely on a pop-up character being a surprise child of an existing one (Lani, Eli, Stefan, Tripp...) or don't take time to develop brand new characters before throwing them into a couple or a storyline we're supposed to care about (Haley).


This drives me up the wall and I have complained about it over and over. Mental illness stories are used as plot points and are filled with stereotypes and inaccuracies.

As someone who works in this field and who used to work on a suicide crisis line, I can't stand the irresponsible and negative way DAYS portrays mental illness -- plus it's almost always a scorned woman who "goes nuts" and becomes violent on this show so the negative portrayal of mental illness is also a terrible portrayal of women.

Beyond that, the tendency to jump from plot point to plot point instead of creating a real story, about mental illness or anything else, is not doing the show any favors.

This Is Us Season 4 Taps Jennifer Morrison for Key Role

Trey: I have watched DOOL since I was a kid. That said, I miss them actually finishing a story. It'd be nice to see a happy ending for a couple that's falling in love, even for a brief moment.

I also still don't know what DiMera Enterprises or Titan does. It'd be nice to see more workplace drama because I miss a good workplace espionage story.

Christine: I’m tired of hearing women being called sluts and I’d love to see it erased from Days’ vocabulary.

Victor is the worst offender, but it seems to be the go-to insult that’s thrown at most women in Salem. It’s not only lazy writing but I find it offensive. What’s the equivalent insult for men who’ve had several sexual partners and why isn’t that ever used against them? 

Caught in the Act - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Andy: My favorite scene was Jack learning the truth about Eve. It was long overdue, but also just really well acted by both parties. I don't really like either character, but I found myself feeling sympathetic toward them both in that moment.

Jack: Jack telling off Eve was great! I applauded it all but I especially loved his take on Eve's sudden grief over Paige in this Days of Our Lives quote...

Jack: When you gave me the drug, you told me all about your daughter Paige's tragic death and what your memories of her mean to you and that you wanted me to have the same opportunity to have memories of my own children.
Eve: I did.
Jack: You had to say it! You had to say it because you knew I was going to take the drug no matter what you said and you couldn't do anything about it. The daughter that you loved so dearly, you told me about her murder over and over again. It was a rehearsed speech. You have used her as a sob story. She probably got used by you the same way when she was alive and never felt loved by you.
Eve: NO! Don't say that!
Jack: It's over. I am going to divorce you and if there is a God in Heaven I will forget I ever knew you.

I applauded that as I've been saying the same thing! 

I also was surprised by how much I liked Henry. Jennifer's treatment of him was awful but I'd love to see him with some woman who's worthy of him.

Trey: This week, I like the Jack/Eve fallout. The actors played the scenes so believably well (it was nice). I also enjoyed Stefan and Gabi teaming up together to take down Nicole (and the mysterious Andre return). I can't wait to see what's happening next!

Christine: Jack and Eve’s confrontation was the standout. No matter how you feel about the characters, the actors knocked it out of the park and I couldn’t tear my eyes from the screen.

Second would be Xander baiting Rex. Eric, Sarah, and Rex are so boring but Xander adds some fun to the mix.

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