Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Noches de Las Chicas

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Marcel Dumas was going to take an eye for an eye on Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 5 but the problem with that plan is that everyone goes blind. 

This war between Teresa and Marcel began when Teresa made the impulsive decision to cut off her deal with Dumas, but it's gotten to this level due to a perfect storm of circumstances and poor choices on both sides.

Javier now carries the majority of the guilt for this disaster but is that warranted?

Things Get Heated - Queen of the South

When Javier killed Rene, it felt as though it was inevitable. The entitled little punk was determined to poke that bear until it bit, and that Rene didn't expect his actions would end his life made him a fool. 

But Teresa expected that Javier could hold his temper and it appears she expected too much. 

Bury Bobby. Put Boaz on a plane back to Mexico. If you want to behave like him, get on the plane with him.


Worse than killing Rene, Javier looked Teresa in the eye and lied about it. Maybe she could have forgiven Rene's untimely death, but the lie will fester and eventually kill the trust between them.

Considering His Options - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 5

Could this be the beginning of the end for Teresa and Javier? I hope not, but Boaz certainly saw an opening and he took it. 

Boaz: Sinaloa should have been ours. It still could be.
Javier: You want to move on Teresa’s business?
Boaz: Teresa’s only worried about expanding into the east coast. She’s taken her eyes off the rest of the business. We’d just be there to pick up the pieces. Think about it, primo.

Would Javier actually turn on Teresa? I'd like to think not, but if he believes he's ruined his chances of being on her team or getting closer to her, anything is possible. 

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And is Boaz correct? Is Teresa so focused on expanding her business that she isn't keeping an eye on the empire she's already built?

She certainly took a risk in going to meet Oksana but there was good reason. If she and the Russian drug kingpin can form a partnership, it could mean great things for both of them.

Survivors - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 5

Oksana: So why should I trust you?
Teresa: Because I know we are both survivors.
Oksana: What did you survive?
Teresa: The streets of Culiacan and every second I’ve spent earning my seat at this table.
Gordo: That’s why she knows a woman has to be twice as brutal as a man in this business.
Oksana: Not as brutal, twice as smart.

Oksana and Teresa understood one another in a way that Gordo couldn't comprehend. When you'll never match someone else's physical power or strength, you have to outsmart them. 

But first Teresa has to deal with not only Dumas but Judge LaFayette.

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LaFayette is such a deceitful snake. He'll say whatever he needs to someone's face, then get their opponent to stab them in the back, and take a fee from both. 

Getting His Cut - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 5

Word is Mendoza’s sending you a message. I’m a God fearing man so here’s how it’s going to go. You get one hit. An eye for an eye to put that girl in her place. After that, we go back to business as usual.

Judge LaFayette

But has his strategy backfired this time?

I can't imagine this particular war coming to an end on LaFayette's say so, and then no one wins, including the judge who won't get his cut if all parties are decimated. 

I wonder at what point Teresa will realize that LaFayette is more of an enemy than an ally and what she'll be willing to do to deal with him. 

Dumas losing one of his youngest soldiers had an effect all the way around.

Burnt Out - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 5

Poor George hasn't been quite the same since Bilal was killed and this just drove that home. 

George: My Daddy always used to say, God invented liquor for nights like this.
Teresa: You saved my life, George.
George: No, you’ve got that backward. I’ve been off my game but you didn’t give up on me.
Teresa: I can’t buy what you give me, trust.
George: That being said, I ain’t exactly wired to be Costner to your Whitney and tracking shipments ain’t exactly floating my boat.

I loved that he referenced the movie The Bodyguard in that Queen of the South quote. It made their parting both sad and funny. 

And as much as I hope George returns to the fold soon because I've truly grown to love his character, I'm glad he wasn't around to have to deal with the attack on Birdie. 

George: Before I forget, I want to say thanks.
Birdie: For what?
George: I was drowning, you threw me a line.

Birdie Gets an Offer - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 5

Birdie was so wonderful with both Teresa and George that I had begun to worry that either she would meet an untimely death or she'd end up being an agent for the CIA. 

Watching our beautiful Birdie bleed out all over the alleyway after taking out the trash was hard to take. She deserved better.

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Even more shocking than Birdie's fate was what happened between Pote and Kelly Anne. 

Tony taking that gun and running away was just stupid until I remind myself that he's a bored, hurting teenager.

Who To Trust - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 5

Not that I should expect any less from Pote, but I was surprised how well he handled Tony.

Tony: My Dad started working in the cartel when he was 14. I’m 15.
Pote: And look how well that turned out for him.

But the kid is no longer the little boy that Teresa vowed to protect and with cartel members and other enemies of Teresa's trying to kill him at every turn, Tony needs to learn how to take care of himself.

And there's no one better to teach him than Pote.

Pote: I know that Teresa taught you how to shoot a gun but I need to see that you can handle it safely. If you do, you can take it.
Tony: Are you serious?
Pote: This is not a toy, Tony. This is a tool. It can protect you or it can kill you. I need to see that you can handle it, then it’s yours.

Pote has always had a soft spot for Kelly Anne, that's the whole reason why he couldn't pull the trigger when Teresa ordered him to kill her. 

With Kelly Anne's return, there's definitely been a spark between them, but I never expected Pote to act on it, at least not unless Kelly Anne made the first move. 

Step by step, she's been getting closer to the sicaro with the soft heart. When she started massaging his shoulders I wondered how far this would go. 

Kelly Anne's kiss was everything Pote had been waiting for but probably never thought would happen. 

A New Deal - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 5

Will Teresa realize that Pote and Kelly Anne have become more than friends? 

Is there any chance this war with Marcel Dumas will end without more bloodshed on both sides?

Where the heck is Rene's body and how long will it take someone to open the trunk of that car?

And is Javier looking to protect Teresa or take her out. 

Check back in for my review of Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 6 and until then, you can watch Queen of the South online here at TV Fanatic.

Noches de Las Chicas Review

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Bury Bobby. Put Boaz on a plane back to Mexico. If you want to behave like him, get on the plane with him.


We killed an innocent man because of you. There’s no way to make that right. You put everything we’ve built here at risk. Do you understand that?