Star Returning for Two-Hour Movie After Fox Cancellation

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Star may not be returning for a fourth season, but co-creator Lee Daniels is making good on his promise to bring closure to the show. 

That closure will come in the form of a movie which Daniels says will be a "two hour gag."

Fans were told via Instagram from Daniels that the series would conclude with “a movie of the week to wrap things up for you all,” on Friday.

Trolls Go Wild - Star

“We’re gonna make something real special for you to scream about, with all of our cast members — even the dead ones.”

There's no word on where the conclusion will air, but given that FOX has not released a press release, it's fair to assume the movie will not be airing on the network the series called home for three seasons. 

Star's cancellation came as a surprise to many when it was revealed in May, especially given that many lower rated shows were renewed by the network. 

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FOX became an independent broadcaster following the Disney-Fox takeover, meaning that the network had to rengotiate deals to bring shows back. 

Take 3 - Star Season 2 Episode 1

Despite there not being as much buzz for Star as other renewed shows, the series benefited from solid ratings, fitting like a glove out of Empire on Wednesdays. 

But given that FOX is ending Empire after its sixth season, it's clear the network thinks there is little value left in the franchise. 

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Daniels was vocal about the cancellation, but tried to find a new destination to air the series for a fourth season. 

After the attempts to resurrect it fell through, he revealed on Instagram that he would find a way to bring closure. 

“We will have something with some closure. You ain’t seen the last of Star, I promise. We will have something that will make you happy.”

Simone Season 2 Promo - Star

As always, we'll keep you up to speed on any new developments. 

For now, we know we will get some closure. 

What are your thoughts on this?

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Remember you can watch Star online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Watch the full Instagram video from Daniels below:

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Get ready for a two hour GAG!!!!! ⭐️

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