Big Brother Spoilers: Who is Going Home Tonight?

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It's official. Jack or Jackson will be heading to the jury house on tonight's episode of Big Brother. 

While fans have been ecstatic at the prospect of a Six Shooter exiting the game, there have been many questions over the last few days about which one will actually be going home. 

Jessica's target is Jack, and she worried ahead of the veto meeting that people were going to keep him in the game and take Jackson down. 


Jackson is not on her radar at the moment, and she's worried that her reign as HOH takes someone out of the game that she does not want to go right now. 

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In a classy move, Jackson has decided against campaigning against Jack -- despite the pair have a blowup fight ahead of last week's eviction. 

On the other hand, Jack has been scheming like crazy to stay in the game, promising deals to anyone who will listen. 

Christy Makes a Blindside  - Big Brother

As things stand, Christie, Tommy, and Analyse are definitely voting for Jack to stay, so that's three guaranteed votes to evict Jackson. 

Nicole and Kat are 100 percent voting to evict Jack. There's no getting away from that. 

Cliff is in an alliance with Jessica, Nicole, and Kat named Cliff's Angeles, but he has been known to change his mind at the last minute in the past. 

Jack has been offering him weeks of safety, but despite Cliff saying no, and promising his allies he is voting out Jack, it's really a tossup with this dude. 

Nick Maccarone - Big Brother

Then there's Nick. He was once the biggest target in the game, but now he's back to playing both sides. 

Tonight, he will be forced to choose a side. Nick has openly told Jessica that he will vote however she wants, but he's just as sketchy as everyone else. 

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It's possible that he could make a last-minute decision to side with Jack, Christie, Tommy, and Analyse. 

If that does turn out to be the case, then one more vote is needed. If Cliff doesn't agree to flip the vote, then Jack will take aim at Kat. 

Jack Matthews on Big Brother 21

Jack spoke to his allies this week about bribing Kat. As you will probably recall, Kat was part of the plan to evict Cliff a few weeks ago -- something she has yet to tell Jessica. 

It's a despicable move, but Jack would go to those lengths just to stay in the running for the $500k. 

It's unclear whether Kat would tell everyone about the bribe or if she would promise to keep him in the game. Then again, if she does so, and subsequently votes him out, there's no stopping Jack from blowing up her game on the way out the door. 

There are so many variables in this vote, but based on conversations late on Thursday night, it should shake out as follows:

  • Christie votes to evict Jackson
  • Tommy votes to evict Jackson
  • Analyse votes to evict Jackson
  • Nicole votes to evict Jack
  • Cliff votes to evict Jack
  • Holly votes to evict Jack
  • Nick votes to evict Jack
  • Kat votes to evict Jack

We should be looking at a 5-3 vote to evict Jack!

Jack Matthews - Big Brother

What do you think will happen? 

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues tonight at 9/8c on CBS. 

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