Big Brother Spoilers: Did Jack or Jackson Escape the Block?

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Jack and Jackson traveled to the block on Sunday's episode of Big Brother, and it was a long time coming. 

The duo, who have been part of The Six Shooter alliance since the beginning of the season have had a significant grip on the game. 

On top of that, they have been the most controversial houseguests of the season. They have both made horrible comments about their fellow houseguests. 

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Jackson, in particular, has a knack for breaking the rules, regularly being caught eating while being a have not. 

In other seasons, houseguests have been reprimanded for such behavior, but not these two. 

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If you keep up to speed with just the CBS episodes and don't read much about the live feeds, then you probably think both men are just playing the game. 

But for those of us who have been watching the feeds, it's becoming increasingly frustrating to watch the two most toxic houseguests get good edits on CBS. 

Jessica Milagros - Big Brother

Jessica secured a head of household win and quickly realized that it was time for her to get some much-needed revenge. 

Taking either of these two out is a BIG move, so it makes sense then that she nominated both men for eviction. 

This came in the immediate aftermath of the Six Shooters alliance imploding thanks to them all starting to turn on each other. 

Christie, Tommy, and Analyse want Jack to stay in the game, while everyone else wants to take him out of it. 

When the veto competition was played on Saturday, Jessica pulled off another win and started to wonder what she should do. 

Nick, who has been an outsider for a few weeks now, caused some concerns when Jessica noted that he was getting close to his former allies again. 

Nick Maccarone - Big Brother

But Nick has promised to vote how the rest of the house is voting. Jessica does not want there to be a tie so that the house has the decision to take Jack out. 

At the veto meeting, Jessica kept the nominations the same, and Jack seems to think that he's staying in the game. 

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This is thanks to conversations between his remaining allies and Cliff and Nick. 

It looks like there's going to be a blindside on Thursday night, and that will include Jack walking out the doors. 

The remnants of the Six Shooters will probably continue to take shots at each other after that, but Christie will likely emerge as the biggest target. 

Christie Murphy on Big Brother Season 21

Her paranoia has not gone down well with her fellow houseguests. Every single week ahead of the veto meeting, she seems to think that she's being put on the block as a backdoor option. 

If that doesn't spell guilty, then I don't know what does. Going forward, Christie's power is over, and she doesn't have a big alliance doing her bidding. 

What are your thoughts on all the latest happenings?

Hit the comments below. 

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