Big Brother Spoilers: Who Will Be Sent to Jury?

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It was a messy Wednesday night inside the Big Brother house as Kat turned her campaign up a few notches to move the needle in her favor when it emerged that she was being voted out over Cliff. 

Did she succeed?

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The biggest aspect of Kat's campaign seemed to be that she wanted the entire house to know that Cliff was making deals with just about everyone. 

Cliff wanted to make a deal with Tommy, Analyse, Christie, and Nick to keep himself and Nicole safe, and effectively making another six-person alliance. 

Christie Murphy on Big Brother Season 21

Christie has been reluctant to agree to such a deal, probably because of the way things shook out with the Six Shooters. 

Jessica was split down the middle about which ally to vote out, but she started to lean towards keeping Kat when it became clear that Cliff was making deals that did not include her. 

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The other houseguests took issue with Kat saying she was going to gun for HOH and put both Holly and Jackson on the block. 

She said that she wanted to put Holly up because then she knew that would be one less vote to keep Jackson. 

Kathryn Dunn - Big Brother

The issue with Kat's campaign, however, is that Jackson has not been actively trying to sway the vote to get rid of Kat, leading to people thinking there's something off about the whole thing. 

Kat is closely aligned with Holly, and Holly is closely aligned with Jackson thanks to their showmance, so Tommy/Christie/Analyse feel like by keeping Kat Holly and Jackson would remain a threat together. 

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Holly got wind of the six-person alliance from Jess in the early hours of Thursday morning, and asked Christie and Analyse about it. 

Holly Allen - Big Brother

As expected, they said they had no idea about it. Jessica was left crying downstairs, and Holly said that it was because she sank her own game. 

By the end of the messy drama, Kat, Jackson, and Holly seemed to agree that they were screwed and accepted defeat. 

Barring a miracle, Kat will be going home during tonight's live episode. 

Following that, the battle for Head of Household begins all over again, and it this round will include another endurance competition.

Analyse Talavera  - Big Brother

It came down to Holly and Analyse last time, so we could be in for a similar scenario this time. 

What are your thoughts on the action?

Big Brother continues tonight at 9/8c on CBS. 

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