Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won the Latest Head of Household Competition?

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Lines were drawn in the sand when Kat was voted out of the Big Brother house by a vote of 6-1 on Thursday. 

With Kat out, Jackson and Holly were the next two names on Tommy, Christie and Analyse's hit list, so they really needed to win to secure their own safety. 

For much of the endurance competition that followed, it was Jackson, Holly, and Christie in the competitive loop. 

Week 8 Endurance Competition - Big Brother

In the end, however, Jackson managed to secure the win and peace of mind in knowing that he and Holly will be safe for the coming week. 

Immediately after the competition, Holly vowed to support Jackson in whatever he wanted to do because this is his HOH. 

Jackson Michie on Big Brother 21

Holly already started to suspect that Tommy, Analyse, and Christie were moving on without them, and that was essentially confirmed during Wednesday's messy night in the house with the aim of saving Kat. 

Jackson immediately admitted that Christie is his number one target for eviction.

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He knew the best way to get her out would be via a backdoor scenario, but he said that his pride wanted him to put her on the block from the get-go. 

He clearly didn't understand the fact that Tommy saved Christie with the veto this week, so he really needs to think about putting the two of them on the block together. 

Holly Allen - Big Brother

Jackson debated who to put on the block next to Christie well into the night, with Cliff offering to go up as a pawn if need be, but Jackson already recalled that Nicole owed him a favor. 

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Jessica even suggested that she would vote whichever way Jackson wanted her to vote if she was off the block come eviction night. 

Jessica's game has been on thin ice since the big blow-up on Wednesday night that exposed alliances. 

Christie Murphy on Big Brother Season 21

We have the nominations ceremony coming up today, and the veto playing out on Saturday, so we will have more clarity over the next few days how this might shake out. 

What are your thoughts on all of it? Who do you want to go home during Jackson's reign as Head of Household?

Hit the comments. 

Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c on CBS. 

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