19 Underappreciated Leading Ladies

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Whether it be lack of compelling storylines, or getting overlooked for their talents, some characters never get the recognition they're earned.

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Whatever the reasoning behind it, here are a list of 19 under appreciated leading ladies. 

Which one is your favorite? 

1. Josie McCoy - Riverdale

Josie McCoy - Riverdale
Many seem to forget that she is even a leading lady because the show treats her as a recurring character. She has far less screentime than the core four and Cheryl, has almost no storylines of her own and no real purpose to the show other than the occasional musical act.

2. Clary Fray - Shadowhunters

Clary Fray - Shadowhunters
Clary’s run on the show started rocky as her character came off as whiny and the damsel in distress, but as she came into her own as a Shadowhunter and developed her relationship with Jace, her personality shone through. The reputation she had in the first few episodes left a sour taste for some and fans seemed to gravitate more toward Isabelle.

3. Clarke Griffin - The 100

Clarke Griffin - The 100
Clarke is always going above and beyond to save everyone else, yet the other characters see her as selfish and heartless. No matter what she does, she is seen as the bad guy. She may not be underappreciated by the fans, but by the other characters take her for granted for sure.

4. Hayley Marshall - The Originals

Hayley Marshall - The Originals
From her introduction on The Vampire Diaries, fans of the franchise did not like her character for seemingly getting in the way of the potential Klaus and Caroline romance. This was before her character even had the chance to get rolling. It became clear early on that the showrunners were putting her with Elijah instead of Klaus, but that didn’t stop fans from turning to Rebekah and Davina when it came to the powerful lead character on the show.

5. Emma Duval - Scream

Emma Duval - Scream
While Emma was the initial 'final girl,' Brooke was the eye candy, and Audrey was the snarky comic relief. Those two seemed to take most of the focus away from Emma, who seemed to get less attention from viewers.

6. Emily Fields - Pretty Little Liars

Emily Fields - Pretty Little Liars
Out of the four main liars, she was the quietest and most reserved, leading her to be overshadowed by the rest of the girls who seemed to have more screentime and development. They even had more success in the relationship department, having consistent love interests from the first season while Emily had many different relationships throughout the series.

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