Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will the Real Jack Please Stand Up!

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Gabi married Stefan while Nicole/Kristen married Tony, all to gain the upper hand at Dimera Enterprises. Jack and Eve imploded, and Rex and Sarah might really be over.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Sportsgirl from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Jack’s new world, Tony’s return, Rex dumping Sarah, and Eli’s new job in Salem.

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Now that Jack realizes Eve betrayed him, will it change his personality and the way he views the world?

Sportsgirl: Not really. Jack is still not the old Jack without his memories. He still believes the same principles he had before. The only difference is he doesn't have Eve pushing those principles.

See, I believe that even though Eve pushed them on him, he still used his own thoughts and actions.

Jack: I hope so! We've seen a few signs of Jack's intelligence and basic personality returning, like his desire not to interfere with Jennifer's new relationship and his level-headed decision to appoint Eli as Commissioner.

Unfortunately, Jennifer's judgmental side may push him back towards bad behavior since he's not quite sure who he is. I hope he can make inroads with JJ now that he's taken the first step towards reclaiming his past and that that will lead somewhere positive.

Christine: Only if Jennifer backs off! If she keeps telling him how despicable he’s been, he’s going to get defensive and feel the need to defend those positions that Eve pushed him towards as his own.

Jack needs time to process everything and figure out what was really him and what he latched on to because they belonged to the only person he felt he could trust.

Married for Business or Love? - Days of Our Lives

Did you expect Gabi to turn on Stefan so quickly? How will he react?

Sportsgirl: Actually, I didn't expect it that quick. I thought she would act as his wife for about a year, then strike. At that point, he would be thoroughly in love with her.

Right now he only has strong feelings. The stronger the love the bigger the hurt. I do believe he won't believe that she doesn't have feelings for him and will try to bring out those feelings.

Days of Our Lives Review: Married But Not In Love

Jack: I was surprised. I figured she'd lead him on for a while longer. I think Stefan will think she's joking at first and then try to convince her she has deeper feelings for him than she claims.

He will also use the prenup and whatever else he can to undo her sabotage of him should she not give in to his softer side.

Christine: No! I thought they’d be married for more than a hot minute before she turned on him. Hopefully, she got all of the paperwork filed that she needed.

In the end, I hope these two end up together. They are one of the few fun couples in Salem right now.

Will Tony Marry "Nicole"? - Days of Our Lives

Are you happy to have Tony back in Salem and what do you hope for his future?

Sportsgirl: Not sure yet about Tony being back. Now if they make Tony more like the sweet Andre we had at times, then I may adjust.

Right now, this Tony seemed to have no reaction to Nicole/Kristen saying she will kill Gabi. The old Tony would not approve. But I am glad to have Thaao back!

Jack: Any time Thaao Penghlis is on the screen, the show is better for it! I'm not convinced that Tony won't turn out to be Andre eventually. Between the writers' love of doppelgangers and the show's history of doing Tony/Andre switcheroos,

I'm suspicious. In the meantime, I'd love to see him interact with Xander. The two are both quick-witted and teeter between good and evil on a regular basis so scenes between them would be pure fun!

And of course we HAVE to have Anna's reaction to discovering Tony wasn't lost when his ashes spilled!

Christine: Yay! I’ve missed Tony, if this is really Tony. With this show, you ever really know. I’m looking forward to Anna returning for their reunion…and how he’ll explain marrying someone else!

Sarah Admits the Truth - Days of Our Lives

Is this the end of Rex and Sarah? If they aren’t together, with whom would you like to see each of them paired with?

Sportsgirl: Finally,the end of Rex & Sarah! She never did get over his cheating past, but I also don't want her with Eric. She is the most entertaining with Xander and I want Rex to end up with Chloe, probably because I am a BROE fan, and this would be the closest thing to it.

Jack: I hope this is the end of them (and this stupid storyline). I'd like to see Sarah with Xander. Rex and Chloe also have potential.

Christine: Please let them really be over! But I hate Sarah with Eric even more. I’m hoping for a Sarah and Xander reunion because that could be fun.

Rex and Chloe have possibilities. If Mimi were back, I might root for them as they have a history and share a child, although I’m not sure I’d wish Bonnie as a mother-in-law on anyone.

As for Eric, if the real Nicole comes back, that could be interesting.

Commissioner Eli Grant - Days of Our Lives

Did Jack make the right decision in hiring Eli to be police commissioner?

Sportsgirl: I like Eli, think he is a good cop but he just doesn't seem to have the experience yet. I think Jack should have either re-hired Hope, hired Rafe or maybe someone else qualified on the force. Jack may have been able to talk them into it, especially after firing Eve.

Jack: I think he should have given Rafe a chance to say no again first since Eli is a newer addition to the force. But of the cops we've seen recently, Eli is about the best.

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Despite some questionable interrogation techniques, he seems to take his job seriously and actually use his brain most of the time. If we can't have Abe back on the force, Eli is the next best choice.

Christine: I think Eli was the right choice. Like Rafe, he has FBI experience before coming to the Salem PD.

This police department needs some new leadership and Eli is more professional and has more integrity than most of the other possibilities, and certainly more than Eve!

Eric Contemplates a Change - Days of Our Lives

If you could have told off one character in Salem this week, who would it have been?

Sportsgirl: Immediately I thought of Eric. First, he punches Brady because of his feelings with Nicole then he doesn't do much to discourage Sarah. He is a major loser in my books and needs to leave his brothers alone.

Jack: It goes without saying that Eve is totally in the wrong and I want Paige's ghost to come tell her off. But I also wanted to shake Jennifer. She just got through saying she can be overly judgmental and what does she do? Push Jack away by being judgmental.

Also, Rex should not blame Eric for Sarah's behavior. Eric told Sarah approximately 153000 times that he did not want a relationship with her and she kept pushing for one anyway.

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And Roman -- stop with the "Dimera = evil" meme. Have you forgotten that your best friend Abe was married to a Dimera and so is your other best friend Jennifer's daughter?

Finally, Mr. Shin made a series of terrible business decisions that made me question whether he really belongs on the Dimera board.

Insisting a woman who blew off the job and ruined a major launch event remain in the company is bad enough, but after "Nicole" threw that tantrum about not being CEO that should have been the end of her relationship with Dimera Enterprises, and nobody who married into the family 5 seconds ago should qualify to be CEO. Period.

Christine: Eric! This man should be in jail for assault. He’s always losing his temper, throwing things and hitting people, and the show seems to think we should be rooting for him. 

Eric saying that Nicole is not in a place to be making her own decisions was pretty condescending.

And although he told Sarah he wouldn’t interfere with her relationship with his brother, his actions and longing looks said something else. I’m so tired of Eric sulking around Salem that I wish he would leave.

Caught in the Act - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Sportsgirl: I enjoyed the finish to the Jack & Eve face-off (that started from Friday). It was well-acted & Jack finally got to see the real Eve. Eve was just too selfish, not only for smashing the vials, shredding the formula but also for not getting help for Claire. She needed to pay for that.

Jack: The breakup scenes between Jack and Eve were top-notch, as were all of Tony's attempts to get Kristen under control.

Christine: Jack and Eve’s break up was definitely the best of the week. Both actors were amazing.

I also enjoyed Gabi and Stefan’s wedding more than I expected.

And who can forget Xander as El Erotico? He vanquishes the men and seduces the women! I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair. 

El Erotico - Days of Our Lives

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