The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Burial Ground

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It wasn't only Stephen Price behind Anthony's abduction.

Much of the how and why came together on The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5.

I'll admit I never saw the twist coming in this case.

Checkered History -- Tall - The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5

My theory was that Price and David Smith were the same people. After all, both were around the same age and were associated with St. James Orphanage.

Why couldn't the Sullivans and the police see a connection that was so obvious?

Odd Message - The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5

Granted, I hadn't pieced together the logistics of how a tween-ager could change his name, and that probably should have scuttled the idea from the get-go.

Still, when Paula, Susan's new lead detective, suggested the same possibility, I thought that maybe I was on the right track after all.

But no. I was only half right at best.

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That's about as much as the police and the Sullivans were managing as well.

Susan and Henry thought that solving the "88" clue was most important, while Luke and Helen decided that tracking down his lost half-brother, David Smith, was more important.

The tension between Henry and Luke kept them from seeing that they needed to pursue both paths simultaneously to get to the truth.

Impulse Driven - The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5

So they went their own ways, for better or worse.

The police came up with the best lead, however, after they discovered Cooper's body in the trunk of his car stashed in a parking garage by Price, who was caught on surveillance.

Should Susan have been more concerned when Cooper finally answered her repeated calls with a text?

Probably. But she was busy dealing with the authoritarian Henry, who seemed to believe the local police force was his own to investigate any whim he might have.

It wasn't until Cooper's very pregnant wife called looking for him that she knew something was off.

Finally, Susan had the search warrant she needed for Prices' house. This led to finding the locked room where Anthony had been held, and she was able to put out an Amber Alert for Price and Anthony.

Body Dump - The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5

Susan also established that Price and David were two separate boys who teamed up to stage a bully's hanging at the orphanage.

Price was on the run, but where was David now?

Helen filled in some of those holes while talking with Debbie Smith, Henry's old court clerk, whose sister Andrea adopted David.

Simultaneously, Henry was conferring with fellow amateur detective Fred, who appeared to be circling the drain, to Catherine's dismay.

Hellbent on his treasure-hunt theory, Henry was hit with a lightning bolt: If the clue wasn't on Maggie's headstone, then it must be buried in her coffin. So he requested an exhumation order, to Luke's dismay.

Meanwhile, Helen discovered that, while on her decline, Maggie had come to Debbie seeking to meet David.

Making a Breakthrough - The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5

Looking at an old photo, Helen saw the letters AS, for Andrea Smith, and the answer to the clue came to her. The dividing line through the 88 meant 33, or the atomic number for arsenic, which is abbreviated AS on the periodic table.

This meant that the clue was buried with Andrea, the only mother David had known, not Maggie.

Helen called Luke just in time so that Maggie's coffin was not disturbed. Then Henry collapsed, setting up the showdown at the hospital.

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Andrea's coffin yielded the next clue, a letter written from David to Maggie asking to come live with her after Andrea overdosed.

One thing I wondered about is whether Andrea died naturally or if David might have had a hand in it. It's doubtful, since a medical examiner should have run a toxicology panel at such a suspicious death. 

Maggie never saw that letter since Henry was alone at the cabin when David brought it by and refused to take it to her.

Impulse Driven - The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5

While he did return David home, Henry was content to let David become a ward of the state because he was concerned what effect David's presence might have on Maggie.

This was an incredibly selfish move on Henry's part as he was afraid to disturb his perfect little nuclear family. It should have been Maggie's choice, but she never got the chance to choose.

So everything that has followed is, in large part, on Henry. Luke was right that something in Henry's past had led to Anthony's abduction.

But Susan also suggested that Anthony might have seen something when he trespassed in Price's house that led to his kidnapping. Time will tell.

Anthony left behind the most important clue, the photo of Maggie and Fred/David hidden in his cell. Without that, no one would have put the pieces together.

Now on to Fred, whose role in this story had never made sense up to now.

Secret Identity - The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5

I thought he was there to showcase how caring and lonely Catherine was. A prop, in other words.

Catherine had to be big-hearted to tolerate the intra-family warfare between Henry and Luke.

But did Henry go to that oncology ward just for a line into the Sullivan family through Catherine? Did he have the same kind of cancer as Maggie?

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After watching the flashbacks, it was clear why David hated Henry because he had stolen David's "real" mother from him.

He wanted the Sullivans to feel the pain with which he had lived.

It wasn't clear if David had killed himself, but he certainly threw a hand grenade into their already turmoil-filled lives.

Unfavorable Diagnosis - The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5

And if he's dead, who is going to meet Henry at the time David gave him? Price?

To review before the finale, watch The Disappearance online.

Were you shocked about Fred?

Will they rescue Anthony?

Who do you feel the worst for?

Comment below.

Burial Ground Review

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The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Luke: What's his connection to [Maggie]?
Henry: There is no connection to her or any of the rest of us. He's a psychopath. He put a photograph in a cat to prove he had Anthony.

Susan: Hey, Paula. Charles had something urgent come up. Until he gets back, you're my lead.
Paula: Got it.