Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Kristen Get Immunity?

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Kristen wanted immunity for her crimes, Jack, Jennifer, and Eric searched for Nicole and Holly, and Chloe and Tripp both left Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tony from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate giving Kristen a deal, Eli calling out Julie, Tripp and Chloe’s exits, and who is in that hotel room in Chicago?

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you want Kristen to get immunity and be free to roam Salem?

Jack: No! I'm sick and tired of everyone getting away with murder (sometimes literally) and there was no reason to let Kristen roam the streets.

And if she was going to be free, Eric shouldn't be leading the charge to get her out of jail after she manipulated him into dropping rape charges against her a few years back and this time around made him think Nicole hated him and tormented him and his family.

Tony: No! She needs to face some kind of consequences!

Christine: No, although, I find Kristen entertaining in small doses, I can’t imagine her being set free. Kristen is dangerous. She’s done horrible things, has targeted specific people in Salem and will kill people who get in her way.

For once, I agree with Melinda Trask. Kristen should stay behind bars.

Chloe Has Big News - Days of Our Lives

Tripp and Chloe both left Salem this week. Will you miss them?

Jack: Tripp had potential but he was stuck in idiotic love triangles with his roommates storylines all the time. I wish Tripp and JJ had had a real friendship and had gone off on adventures together instead of this silly last story, and Tripp should have had a real exit and not just randomly gone to medical school.

As for Chloe, I always love seeing her and I think her opera star exit should have been a real story and not just a random plot point. I would have liked to have seen her interact with the real Nicole and reunite with Holly instead of leaving town.

Days of Our Lives: Jetting Out of Salem

Tony: Probably. I wish they'd both gotten better storylines, but I'll miss them.

Christine: Yes. They were both good actors playing good characters with poorly written stories.

Tripp was at his best with Steve. These lame love interest stories he was randomly thrown into were boring and he deserved better.

And Chloe has grown so much! She’s a single mother with a career. There was so much they could have done with Chloe and it’s sad to see her go.

Kristen Isn't Done Yet - Days of Our Lives

On the flip side, which character do you wish would leave Salem?

Jack: Kristen can go any time now and I won't miss her one bit. Also, Gabi is nothing but annoying and I wouldn't mind if she went to visit her mother in Mexico for a while.

Tony: Kristen and Eve. They can't go soon enough!

Christine: Eric! I’m so tired of his brooding and his temper tantrums. Haley can head out of town as well as I’ve always found her boring and that hasn’t changed.

What Happens to Julie? - Days of Our Lives

Was Eli right to call out Julie on the language she uses?

Jack: Yes, but not in the way it was done. It would have been better for Eli to talk about how he personally feels or share some of his personal experiences with racism growing up to help her understand why he was critical of what she said.

The way he went about it sounded like a lecture more than anything else. He used a lot of terms like "cultural appropriation" that had nothing to do with why what Julie said was problematic.

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It didn't talk personally at all, making it seem like the writers thought this was the way to demonstrate social awareness, and it came off as inauthentic and mocking people who get offended by racist language more than anything else.

Plus, again, this was a random plot point rather than a real story, which didn't help anything.

Tony: I think he was. Though I do wish there had been some storyline leading up to it. The way it was handled just felt really random as if the writers were trying to say "See? We can be socially aware!"

Christine: I agree with what was said above. It was important to call out Julie’s use of language but it could have been done more effectively. I was especially happy that they brought up all of the ethnic slurs Julie uses with Gabi because that has always bothered me.

Jennifer and Jack Snoop - Days of Our Lives

Who or what have Jennifer, Jack, and Eric found?

Jack: I already know from reading spoilers so I'll refrain from answering this one. The look of shock on their faces was a great cliffhanger though.

Tony: I assume (based on previews for this coming fall) either Vivian or Dr. Rolf.

Christine: I’m going with Vivian Alamain. They were expecting to find Nicole and Holly so finding them so quickly seems too easy and it wouldn’t explain the shock on their faces.

No one was expecting Vivian to still be alive even though that warehouse in Memphis had a door with V. A. on it.

Haley and JJ in Love - Days of Our Lives

Which character needs to be in therapy the most in Salem right now?

Jack: I will forever be bitter that JJ never got the therapy he deserved and maybe if he had he would trust his memories of Jack instead of talking like he never knew his father at all. But right now Jack and his amnesia need a few sessions with a therapist so that he can stop acting so ridiculous.

Obviously, Kristen is delusional, and Stefan turning evil again and attacking Kate with a gun (or wanting to be with a woman who tried to destroy him, for that matter) is not healthy behavior.

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And Brady needs to figure out for once and for all why he can't walk away from Kristen or other destructive women, while Eric needs to learn how to stop being violent and how to not be obsessed with Nicole.

Tony: Really, there's not a single character that couldn't use a good amount of therapy. If I had to choose one...maybe Jack. I'm sure all of this has got to be kind of overwhelming for him.

Christine: Eric! The guy loses his temper at every turn and then hits people. He’s got a real problem but no one seems to recognize it.

Tony Makes a Confession - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I never thought I'd say this, but go Trask! She was 100% right about Kristen. I loved when she told Eric that the laundry list of crimes he'd just given her was a reason for Kristen to stay behind bars in this Days of Our Lives quote...

Trask: Kristen is holding out hope to desperate people so that she will not be made to answer for her crimes.
Eric: We have to find out if it's true that Nicole is alive.
Trask: There is no indication that Nicole Walker is in danger. If she is alive, it's her choice to stay away.
Eric: Kristen kidnapped Ted and Kate! And she murdered Ted. There's no way she would have wanted Nicole free to show up in the middle of her plan.
Trask: Do you hear yourself? That list of crimes you just gave me is exactly why I am not giving Kristen Dimera immunity.

Tony: Any scene with Tony. He is one of my favorite characters, and makes pretty much any scene he's in better.

Christine: I enjoyed Stefan and Gabi. They really are cute together and have some great chemistry.

I also liked Xander trying to talk Sarah down and Jennifer reminding Hope that Ted didn’t suddenly turn into a saint just because he died.

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