Days of Our Lives Round Table: Was Jack's Amnesia Worth It?

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After eight months of amnesia, Jack finally got his memory back on Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-23-19!

It was the moment many Jack and Jennifer fans had been waiting for, but was the payoff worth it?

Sportsgirl and Andyroo from MyHourglass: A Days of Our Lives Fan Forum join our TV Fanatic Jack Ori to discuss Jack's recovering his memories, Lucas' decision to give Kate's heart to Julie, and which storyline they'd most like to delete from Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Jack FINALLY got his memory back and he and Jennifer kissed! How closely did the payoff for this story meet your expectations?

Sportsgirl: I was never the biggest Jack fan especially when he was like a clown. I am glad Jennifer is finally happy and JJ has his Dad back, but the whole Dr Shah story came out of nowhere and I believe they could have had a better finale.

Andyroo: I'm happy Jack's amnesia storyline is over, it dragged on a bit too long for me. Jen's kidnapping being the catalyst is whatever, but making Shah a villain in the process was so unnecessary and unearned. All that being said, the final scene with Jack and Jennifer in the square was pretty darn cute.

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Jack: Jack and Jennifer have been my favorite couple since I was a kid! So I’m thrilled they are finally back together (hopefully for good). But I agree with everyone else. Shah went from a minor character who was a genuinely nice guy to an unhinged kidnapper without any warning.

(TALL) Jack is Crushed - Days of Our Lives

I wish they’d found some other way to jog Jack’s memory, and whatever happened should have involved that serum since they went to so much trouble to bring Rolf back to Salem to make it.

What do you hope is next for Jack and Jennifer?

Sportsgirl: I hope Jack and Jennifer go back to being reporters especially after Jack resigns as mayor and Abe takes his place.

Andyroo: I just hope they're allowed to be happy for awhile without Jack dying yet again. I'd like to see JJ get a good storyline again where they can help support him and parent together.

(TALL) Jack Remembers - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Oh, I would love it if Jack resigned as Mayor and Abe was re-elected. Abe needs something to do besides wander around town offering advice. And I also would like to see Jack return to being a reporter.

1000x yes on JJ having a story that Jack and Jennifer can get involved in. JJ is severely underused as it is and I want to see if Jack and Jennifer are on the same page about him or not.

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Who is most to blame for Julie getting upset enough to have a second heart attack after learning the news about Jennifer?

Sportsgirl: Eli, although it could be Julie herself by tricking Maggie into telling the truth.

Andyroo: Gabi shouldn't have visited Julie. Her intentions may have been to apologize (or ease her guilty conscience), but she had to know it would stress Julie out. And Eli was careless giving her any indication that something was wrong with Jennifer in the first place.

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Jack: I guess I’m the only one who thinks that keeping Jennifer’s ordeal secret from Julie was a terrible idea.

She doesn’t have dementia, so of course she was aware that Jennifer and JJ have not come to visit her and that no one was giving her a reasonable explanation for why. I think Kayla should have sat down with the family and discussed the best way to break this news to Julie given her condition.

(TALL) Lucas' Painful Choice - Days of Our Lives

Was Lucas right to want to donate Kate's heart when he thought she might not wake up?

Sportsgirl: Lucas was right. I am sure Lucas sure would have preferred to wait awhile, but Julie didn't have that time to give. He was right that Kate would not have wanted to live as a vegetable.

Andyroo: It's a really tough situation, but under the circumstances it made sense to spare Kate being stuck on life support in order to save Julie's life. I'm glad Kate woke up at the last minute though, I'd take her over Julie any day. I do wish they had taken this opportunity to bring back some of Kate's other children.

Jack: I agree with everyone else. Julie was running out of time and Kate’s prognosis was grim. I thought it was ridiculous that there was no real explanation for why Kate’s other children didn’t come to say their final goodbyes, though. Even a one-sided Skype call would have helped.

(TALL) Xander Supports Sarah - Days of Our Lives

What was the most emotional moment for you on this week's Days of Our Lives?

Sportsgirl: I don't have a real emotional scene, but I do really like how Xander has been there for Sarah. They are so sweet together even though he did make that pact with Kristen.

Andyroo: Considering how many emotional scenes there were this week, I can't say any of them really affected me too strongly. Lucas coming to the decision to donate Kate's heart came close though, as having to decide to take a loved one off life support is one of my biggest fears.

Jack: Like Andyroo, I found it an emotional week in Salem. Lucas’ scenes and Jack getting back his memories both made me cry.

Kristen Gets Good News - Days of Our Lives

What one storyline would you get rid of if you could?

Sportsgirl: Can you make it 3 choices instead? Ha, I guess the one that irritates me the most is having Vivian back. I was only able to put up with Vivian when she was with Ivan. I see nothing good coming from having her back. I like Stefan and Gabi together and she only ruins them.

Andyroo: So many storylines right now feel recycled. I definitely would have been ready to get rid of Kristen stealing another embryo, so I'm glad (to an extent) that story went in a different direction. Vivian feels pointless outside of nearly killing Kate, and I feel like having both Vivian and Kristen on the canvas at one time is just too much.

Jack: I’m beyond ready to be rid of Kristen! I’d much rather have had a realistic story about Sarah struggling with whether or not to have an abortion. Vivian is one of my favorite characters, but I agree that her story is pointless right now.

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