Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 9-9-19: Buried Alive!

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Halloween comes early for Days of Our Lives' Kate Roberts.

The official spoiler video for the week of 9-9-19 features Kate's hand coming up from the grave after Vivian gloats about killing her and burying her in the park.

Gabi asks Stefan if he's sure Kate's dead just before Kate's hand emerges. Will Kate rescue herself or will Gabi somehow come to the rescue?

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 9-9-19

Either way, Kate manages to survive being buried alive! She is next seen in the hospital and not in a good mood. Will she tell Kayla who is responsible for her ordeal?

Stefan is worried that she will, but Vivian has a solution for that: make sure Kate is never able to tell anyone anything.

This creepy storyline pays homage to Vivian's iconic live burial of Carly Manning. And it's far from the only thing happening on Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-9-19.

Check out the full list of spoilers below and make sure to vote for your favorite!

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Will Sarah Tell Eric She's Pregnant?

To Tell or Not to Tell - Days of Our Lives

Sarah was last seen staring at her pregnancy test results and realizing that she is pregnant -- and she thinks Eric is the father.

How will this complicate her desire to stand aside and let Eric reunite with Nicole despite Sarah's heartbreak?

Xander Makes a Confession - Days of Our Lives

Xander has been professing his love to Sarah, claiming she makes him a better man, and even defying VIctor's orders to murder Ben because he wants to be the kind of man Sarah could love.

He also was the first to suggest she could be pregnant and continually pushes her to choose him rather than being the third wheel in Eric and Nicole's relationship.

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Will Xander see this pregnancy as a possible opening for him to get closer to Sarah? He can't possibly be the father -- he and Sarah's roll in the hay was back in January -- but if he pretends the baby is his, it'll keep Sarah and Eric apart while giving Xander the chance to demonstrate his devotion.

It might even lead to a real relationship between the two, so this seems like the way to go. Let's hope the Days of Our Lives writing team agrees!

Brady walks in on Victor's plan to eliminate Ben.

Stopping a Murder - Days of Our Lives

When Xander refused to kill Ben, Victor took over the grisly task himself -- just as Brady walked in.

This raises several questions. Did Brady know that Victor took the desire to eliminate Ben literally? And how will Brady stop his grandfather from doing something he can't take back?

(TALL) Brady's Temptation - Days of Our Lives

And what will the cost be to Brady for going against Victor?

He shouldn't have gone along with this plan in the first place since he doesn't like it when Victor interferes in his love life, but Victor doesn't take kindly to his family standing up to him.

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Victor has fired Brady as CEO of Titan multiple times.

Will he do it again? And if he does, will he leave Brady vulnerable to Kristen's charms?

Hope shares heartbreaking news about Julie with Doug.

Julie's Condition Worsens - Days of Our Lives

So far, the family has kept the bad news about Julie to themselves, feeling that Doug and Julie are both too fragile to take learning that her heart is failing and that she is not a candidate for a transplant.

But Hope isn't going to be able to keep this to herself for much longer. Between her grief and her guilt about keeping important news from her father, she's going to tell.

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This storyline has been a tearjerker from the beginning, and Bill Hayes will surely knock these scenes out of the park. Will Doug respond with anger, pain, or both?

(TALL) Doug Supports Hope - Days of Our Lives

Maybe Doug won't accept the idea of Julie not being placed on the transplant list. Victor has all sorts of shady specialists at his disposal and Hope is close to him.

Could Doug push Hope to use her connection with Victor to Julie's advantage?

Kayla and Jennifer face a grisly arrival.

A Grisly Arrival - Days of Our Lives

This is one of the most intriguing spoilers in a while.

Jennifer made arrangements for Dr. Rolf to work at the Salem University Hospital laboratory, but who knows what he could be planning.

Spoilers say Jennifer and Kayla are both shocked, but Jennifer knew that Rolf was coming to the hospital.

Eric Confronts Dr. Rolf - Days of Our Lives

So Rolf himself isn't the grisly arrival.

Rolf himself could have created anything, but since the spoiler video shows a mud-covered Kate in the hospital after having been shot and buried alive, could this spoiler have to do with that?

It certainly would be shocking -- and grisly -- for Jennifer and Kayla to see Kate in that condition!

Nicole Confronts Kristen!

Kristen Isn't Done Yet - Days of Our Lives
(TALL) Eric Finds the Real Nicole - Days of Our Lives

Now that Eric has found the real Nicole, Kristen's immunity deal should go through.

But jail may be nothing compared to Nicole's wrath!

In the past, Nicole has run Kristen off the road to get back at her for what she did to Eric. Nicole is equal parts snarky and strong, and now Kristen not only tormented Eric but threatened little Holly's life and put her and Nicole in danger.

(TALL) Kristen Confronts Brady - Days of Our LIves

And of course, Kristen gives as good as she gets. So this should be a must-watch confrontation.

The confrontation is likely to get physical. How far will it go before someone pulls the two women apart?

Vivian gives Sarah some unsolicited advice.

Vivian's Advice - Days of Our Lives

Vivian has nothing to do with Sarah, but nothing's ever stopped her from putting her two cents in whether it's wanted or not!

Is the advice about the baby, Eric, or something else entirely? 

Vivian spent a good deal of time with Eric and she did not appreciate his single-minded focus on finding Nicole or his tendency to lash out at everyone when things didn't go perfectly.

(TALL) Sarah's Next Move - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Vivian will encourage Sarah to cut her losses and walk away from Eric? 

Either way, the less interest Sarah shows in Vivian's opinion, the more invested Vivian will become in giving it. Be prepared for a good deal of snark and backhanded compliments.

Jennifer and Jack deal with a setback.

An Unexpected Setback - Days of Our Lives

Uh-oh! Jennifer and Jack encounter yet another obstacle on their quest to recover Jack's memories.

This storyline has dragged on and on. Jack has been memoryless since New Year's Eve 2018--let's hope he recovers his memories before the calendar changes again!

Since Eve hasn't given up her desire to get revenge on Jack for rejecting her, the trouble likely comes from her. 

(TALL) Jack is Crushed - Days of Our Lives

What is she going to do now, and will Jack and Jennifer overcome it before Jack decides to go for yet another round of being nasty to everyone because he doesn't remember his past?

Eric breaks up with Sarah.

An Unsurprising Breakup - Days of Our Lives

Surprise, surprise. NOT!

Eric will yet again choose Nicole over the woman he hooked up with in her absence. Sarah expected this and planned to step aside, but still.

Sarah's been moping and complaining to anyone who will listen about her broken heart, and now on top of it, she's pregnant with Eric's child.

(TALL) An Unsurprising Breakup - Days of Our Lives

Will she tell him about the baby now that he wants to break things off with her, or will she keep her mouth shut so that she doesn't make Eric think twice about reuniting with Nicole?

Brady is tempted by Kristen.

Drawn to a Destructive Ex - Days of Our Lives

Brady rejected it outright when Kristen suggested that he knew it was her under the Nicole mask all along.

Ever since, though, most of Brady's conversations have centered around Kristen and how much he despises her. Victor and Ciara have both suggested that Brady must have known who he was sleeping with, and Ciara thinks Brady still loves Kristen.

It would be ludicrous for Brady to reconcile with Kristen after everything she's done to his family, especially after this last go-round. 

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But Brady is addicted to bad relationships and the worse the woman is for him, the more likely he is to succumb to her charms.

What on Earth does Kristen have to say to him now? And how soon will his so-called hatred of hers turn to lust or even love?

Eve turns to a potential ally: Vivian!

Eve Gets Desperate  - Days of Our Lives

Eve is desperate to get revenge on Jack and Jennifer. She was last seen manipulating Justin into suing Jack and the city for wrongful termination.

She needs to give it up. Her schemes always blow up in her face and she's never going to get what she wants.

But that's Eve: self-destructive to the core.

What Will Vivian Do? - Days of Our Lives

For some reason, Eve will decide during the week of 9-9-19 to try to get Vivian to help her. Spoilers say that Eve wants Vivian to talk to Stefan on her behalf.

Vivian has more important things to worry about, with supposedly-dead Kate turning up alive and ready to point the finger at her for attempted murder. And there's no reason Stefan will listen to her about whatever it is Eve wants from him. (Probably her old job back, but who knows?)

Vivian putting Eve in her place could be fun, though. Let's hope that happens!

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