Grand Hotel Season 1 Report Card: Most Shocking Twist, Best Episode and More!

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Grand Hotel Season 1 was a wild ride that left viewers wanting more. 

With so many new shows being thrown at us each season, it is a rare occasion these days for one to actually stand out, but Grand Hotel was a grand exception. 

The Riviera Grand Hotel is filled with beautiful people doing terrible things, and it is impossible not to get sucked into their drama. 

Read on as we discuss the season's highs, lows, and OMG moments. 

Best Episode

The Happy Couple - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 12

There was so much done right in the penultimate episode of Grand Hotel Season 1.

"Dear Santiago" not only gave us the answer to what really happened to Beatriz but it dropped the biggest bomb of the season: Jason is Santiago's son.

Eva Longoria shined as Beatriz in a way that she hadn't gotten to yet in the small glimpses we had seen of her. Her portrayal of a woman struggling with bipolar disorder felt authentic, and you could feel the pain of her struggle.

The writers were playing tug of war with our heartstrings during this episode and there definitely was a little dust in the room by the end.

Most Improved Character

What is Ingrid Up To?  - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

It is no secret that Ingrid was a loathed character throughout Grand Hotel Season 1, but towards the end of the season, a shift happened. Suddenly Ingrid was something resembling likable.

After spending some quality time with the Parkers, Ingrid finally learned how to be a decent human being. 

While her road to redemption doesn't change the horrible act of lying about Javi being the father of her baby, it is at least a start. 

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Most Shocking Twist

Brown Bagging It - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

Some people may say that Malcolm being Sky's murderer was the season's most shocking moment, but there was one moment in the particular that left jaws on the floor.

Amid the show's most emotional moment, Grand Hotel dropped a massive bombshell on the viewers: Jason is Santiago's son.

Not only was this a shocking moment, but it was the catalyst to the show's two biggest mysteries.

Best Character

A Smile Hides Everything - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 7

It is impossible not to smile when Javi is on the screen. 

Brian Craig is a gem that shined throughout the season. Whether it was playing the loveable playboy, the heartbroken drunk, or the anguish of an addict, he rose to the occasion each time.  

No character went through more during this season than Javi did, but Javi managed to come out the other side a better man. 

Storyline We Could Have Done Without

Secrets Are Revealed - Grand Hotel

To say that Felix was obnoxious would be an understatement. 

Felix tainted everything that he touched.

Yoli, who had made so many strides during the first half of the season, completely deteriorated the moment that Felix came around.

Carolina who had been a fun light-hearted character became cringeworthy.

Gigi, usually a strong-willed intelligent woman, became gullible and easily manipulated. 

If Felix never graced the halls of the Riviera Grand again it would be too soon. 

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Character We Loved to Hate

A Happy Gigi? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

Every show has it; that one character people get off on hating. 

It is hard not to respect Gigi's game. She is a hustler, to say the least.

At the same time though, Gigi made despicable decisions.  Gigi kept the secret of Jason's true parentage from Santiago for years, covered up Sky's death, and strong-armed Santiago into putting the girls into his will. 

Maybe Santiago's impending death will knock some sense into her. 

Hottest Brooding Bad Boy

Feeling the Heat - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4

Mateo may be a murderer and overall terrible human being, but it is hard to deny that this man is attractive as they come. 

Now that Mateo has been fired from the Riviera Grand, it's hard not to be worried that he won't grace us with his gorgeous presence each week if we get a second season. 

Best Quote

Sky: Oh, how does your mom even sit in this dress?
Yoli: Oh well, Gigi doesn't sit, she floats.
Sky: If JLo and Cardi B had a baby, it would be this closet.

Character That Needs a Personality Makeover

Daddy's Girl  - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10

Carolina is the perfect comedic relief, but when it comes to having any actual depth, her character is seriously lacking. 

When Carolina had Yoli's back when she came out, it seemed like she was finally heading in the right direction, but she waded right back into the shallow end. 

Her character sank to new lows when she called off her re-engagement to her ex-fiance because she thought he was poor. 

Here's to hoping that if Grand Hotel gets a second season, her character can actually have some growth. 

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Character That Needs to Bite the Bullet

Felix is not only a thief but he is a master manipulator. 

The man adds nothing of value to Grand Hotel, and his death would be a gift to viewers. 

Best Job at the Riviera Grand

Here's to New Friends - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 7

The wait staff at the Riviera Grand have it made. 

They are privy to many of the hotel's secrets, spend their days flirting with attractive guests and still manage to have time to play spy games. 

Worst Episode

Stepping In - Grand Hotel

There honestly wasn't a bad episode of Grand Hotel Season 1 but the season's second episode lacked the punch of the premiere making it the season's weakest. 

Moment That Brought on the Water Works

A Smile Hides the Pain - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 12

When Grand Hotel started, we were under the impression that Beatriz had died from a heart attack. Throughout the season though, it became clear that there was more to her death. 

It was easy to figure out that Beatriz had taken her own life, but that didn't soften the blow when the moment actually came. 

The narration of her suicide note made it impossible not to shed a tear. 

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Character Arch That Left us Scratching Our Heads

Radiating Beauty - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10

When we first met Yoli, she was as shallow as Carolina. Early on during Season 1 though, Yoli took a turn and became a favorite fan. 

Watching her come to terms with her sexuality and take the leap to come out to her family was amazing to watch.

However, soon after Yoli backslid into the woman we first met.

It almost felt like the second half of the season was written before the first. 

Character Whose Closet We Would Love to Raid

A Somber Gigi - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

Gigi may have been the definition of a wicked stepmother most days on Grand Hotel, but she always managed to look flawless. 

Yoli and Sky lived out the dream when they rummaged through her closet. 

Villain That Was the Best Adversary 

Whose the Boss? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 9

Katy Sagal is the definition of a bad bitch. 

She is a force of nature in every role that she plays, and Teresa was no exception. 

Teresa was not only a savvy businesswoman, but she was absolutely evil. 

Learning that she dabbled in human sex trafficking was just the icing on the cake.

Her death at the hands of Mateo came much too soon. 

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Party We Would Have Loved to Attend

Ingrid Who? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 7

The Riviera Grand's Spring Break party might have been short-lived, but it looked like a blast while it lasted.

Who wouldn't love to get drunk and party with El Rey and a shirtless Javi?

Overall Season Grade: A 

Grand Hotel was the perfect summer show. 

New shows often start strong but quickly fizzle out. Grand Hotel, didn't suffer from that. Grand Hotel started with a bang and just managed to get better each week.

Carrying a solid mystery throughout a season can be a challenge, but Grand Hotel benefited from a short season and enough twist and turns along the way to keep things exciting. 

Meaghan Frey was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in September 2020.

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Grand Hotel Quotes

Matteo: So uh, first, thanks to Carolina for marrying me. You're hilarious, unbelievably beautiful, I mean my friends can't believe how hot you are. I also want to thank Gigi and Santiago. It's not always easy mixing family and business but uh you have made this deal a total breeze.
Carolina: Deal?
Santiago: Thank you, Byron.
Byron: Wong food development has been exploring the market for a long time, and we're just delighted to be purchasing this wonderful property. Cheers.
Alicia: Dad, you sold the hotel?

Ingrid: I'm, I'm pregnant.
Jason: I didn't realize that, that you were seeing somebody.
Ingrid: It's complicated. When I tell him about this.
Jason: Maybe he'll step up. Maybe realize what a good thing he has.
Ingrid: He wouldn't want to be with a pregnant housekeeper
Jason: A lot of people would. I would. If it was me, I mean.
Ingrid: Well, now you're just trying to make me feel better. But thanks, you're a good friend.