Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Art of Darkness

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What. Just. Happened.

The stakes were upped to a whole new level on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11.

Who breathed their last breath at the Riviera Grand Hotel? Read our review to find out. 

Stand Off - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

R.I.P Teresa. We couldn't have asked for a greater villain, but once you start selling women, it is time for you to go. 

Mateo may have shown us early on that he is capable of murder, but this was different. 

He did not kill Teresa out of duty or obligation; he killed her out of desperation.

The reveal that Mateo has been under Teresa's thumb since he was 20 explained so much about him. 

Mateo: Uh, this event, what is it really?
Teresa: When you ask me questions like that is it any wonder I don't trust you anymore?

Mateo has not been a free man since then. His choices were taken away from him, much like the women who Teresa was selling off to the highest bidder. 

Teresa Puts Santiago in his Place - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

Fear is a great motivator and Mateo just couldn't find his way out. 

While Teresa being the head of a major crime syndicate should have been enough to prove that she was bad news, the writers kicked things into high gear by introducing the sex trafficking storyline. 

The scariest part of the whole thing was that the party looked like any normal event. Rich older men and beautiful young women. Nothing seemed out of place.

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I guess that is part of the horror of human trafficking. Everything may appear normal on the surface, making it easy for people to get away with it. 

Santiago is in Trouble - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

Thank god for Danny's spy skills.

Now that is a sentence that no one ever believed would be uttered. 

Danny's quest to solve the mystery of what happened to Sky has taken him to dangerous lengths before, but nothing has ever been as dangerous as Danny infiltrating the party while wired. 

The thing that continues to be most frustrating about Danny's quest is the idea that Sky might not be in actual danger. 

Danny is putting his life at risk, his relationships in jeopardy, and driving himself crazy, all to try to find her, but what if she doesn't need to be found. 

Picture Perfect? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

Danny is working under the assumption that she is lost, but what if she is out there living her best life off the hotel's dime? It all would have been for nothing. 

The more we learn about Beatriz, the more clear it seems to be what really happened to her. 

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We have already seen Santiago put Javi through the Santiago Mendoza Rehab Program, isn't it possible that he was doing the same for Beatriz in room 606? 

Alicia and Javi wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to their mom, but they were young and probably weren't able to see things clearly.

Long Live the King and Queen - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

They paint Gigi as a villain who stole Santiago away from their mom or an opportunist who came in and snatched him up in his grief, but what if she is the reason they weren't faced with the truth about Beatriz? 

Maybe Gigi was around so much because she was helping to protect them from their mother's addiction. 

While Santiago may not be the person responsible for Beatriz's death, it is still very possible that he covered up the exact cause to protect his children, and that is the secret that Sky found out. 

Keeping the image they had of their mother alive might have made paying Sky off seem worth it to Santiago.

Santiago unfortunately has bigger things to worry about now. 

Eavesdropping - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

Teresa may have seemed like she was going to be the big bad of Grand Hotel Season 1, but with her out of the picture, Felix is primed to take over the role.

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Never underestimate an ex husband scorned. 

Losing Gigi to Santiago would have been bad enough, but Gigi stealing 50 million dollars from him to give to Santiago? That gave Felix a whole new round of ammunition for his hatred of Santiago. 

Santiago: So, you did this for me?
Gigi: Santiago I did this for us.
Santiago: Ay dios mio. After all these years, you still know how to surprise me.

Felix once again showed why Santiago was the better man, though.

Smooth Talker - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

Santiago has done everything in his power to keep his children out of his problems with the hotel.

What did Felix do the first chance he got after Gigi stole from him? Dragged Yoli into it.

Being a parent means keeping your kids out of your mess. I guess when you've been on the run too long you forget those expectations. 

Thank god Gigi came to her senses about him.

But seriously, how badass is Gigi? 

Gigi could have easily just played him, but she straight up drugged the man. This woman never fails to amaze me. 

Maybe she could be the new head of the Biscayne crime syndicate? The word is, there is a vacancy. 

A Somber Gigi - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

Things weren't all doom and gloom at the Riviera Grand. 

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Jason's relationship with Vanessa escalated quite quickly. As Ingrid so kindly pointed out, they had only known each other two days before he decided he needed to hop on a plane across the country to see her.

Maybe at least wait and see if the sexting is good before you invest in a plane ticket Jason. 

Ingrid's jealousy of Jason and Vanessa was troubling. Hopefully, it is just a case that even though she doesn't want Jason, she doesn't want anyone else to have them, but we probably won't be that lucky.

Queen of the Riviera - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

The writers seem hell-bent on an Ingrid redemption arc, and the end game seems to be getting her and Jason together.

Ingrid has made some strides the past few episodes, but she has a long way to go before her sins are forgiven. 

It was nice getting to see a more vulnerable side to Carolina, though. 

The idea that she could ever be jealous of Yoli is surprising, but it makes sense. Carolina's life is filled with superficial things that act like band-aids on the hole that she is trying to fill in her heart. 

Byron: Sorry but your sister is fire. I mean, you should have seen all the butter faces I had to swipe left on, but for you, I'd swipe right all day long.
Carolina: So romantic.

Yoli has found a deep connection with Marissa and Carolina wants that, even if that means grasping at straws with Byron. Soon enough she will wake up and realize that he isn't the answer but a big ol' diamond probably isn't a terrible consolation prize. 

What did you think about the events of Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11?

Do you have some parting words for Teresa?

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Art of Darkness Review

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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Mateo: Uh, this event, what is it really?
Teresa: When you ask me questions like that is it any wonder I don't trust you anymore?

Javi: So how did you keep him here for a week without anybody seeing him?
Carolina: There's this weird abandoned room on the sixth floor that nobody knows is there.
Yoli: Carolina!
Carolina: What? You know I can't be trusted with hot goss.