Legacies Adds The Originals Favorite for Season 2

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Hope Mikaelson is getting a visit from her Aunt Freya!

According to TV Guide, Riley Voelkel will reprise her The Originals role during an episode of Legacies Season 2. 

No furher details have been revealed, but this is excellent news for fans of the show that came before Legacies. 

Riley Voelkel Smiles

It's hard to believe we went an entire season without Hope reuniting with any of her family members. 

Her mother and father may be dead, but there are other members of her family out there. 

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This appearance from Voelkel is billed as a guest stint, likely because the actress also appears on fellow CW drama, Roswell, New Mexico. 

It's unclear what brings Freya to Mystic Falls, but we're willing to be there's going to be some great magical goodness from her and her neice. 

Is Freya Ready for Love? - The Originals Season 4 Episode 7

Maybe Freya will help take down the villain of the week that Legacies has adopted very well since its launch. 

Voelkel is the latest star from one of the previous series to appear on the third series in the franchise. 

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Zach Roerig appeared on multiple episodes of the freshman season as Matt Donovan, but given that there's a new sheriff in town, it's unlikely he will be booking a return visit any time soon. 

Riley Voelkel Attends Amazon Event

Steven R. McQueen also returned as Jeremy Gilbert for one episode. 

It's unclear whether other returns are planned, but Executive producer Julie Plec has been open about bringing back Chris Wood as Kai. 

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Given that Kai has a big link to Lizzie and Josie, then it would make sense for it to happen for the story. 

As for Legacies Season 2, it debuts Thursday, October 10, and will find Hope trying to make her way out of Malivore. 

Riley Voelkel Attends EW Event

As for her friends, well, they'll be blissfully unaware of her existence. 

Crazy, right?

Remember you can watch Legacies online right here via TV Fanatic. 

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