Liza's Indecisiveness on Younger is Making it Hard to Watch

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There comes a time in your life when you're not young anymore.

You're just groovin' along the path of life when -- WHAM -- youth kicks you to the curb.

When Younger first premiered on TV Land in 2015, it seemed like a show that would embrace the wisdom that comes from aging while promoting the idea that youthfulness is a state of mind more than a physical phenomenon.

Younger We Have to Talk

Six seasons later, and that seems a lot further from the truth than anticipated.

When Younger premiered, Hot in Cleveland was the show that best represented TV Land.

With a ridiculously talented cast of women of a certain age portraying characters nothing like women of the same age normally got portrayed on television.

The nature of the network, once airing only repeats of cherished broadcast programming from the past, made it seem that it was only for older viewers.

Younger seemed like a perfect programming segue to bridge the gap between older and younger viewers.

Lookie Here! - Younger Season 3 Episode 2

That a 40-year-old woman would have to start her life again after divorce spoke directly to the older crowd, and seeing their lives through a different lens spoke to the younger crowd.

The genius came when the divorced mother's search for employment took a darker turn.

Younger Review: Millennial's Next Top Model

Realizing her experience counted for nothing in the job market and her degree was considered outdated, Liza's fate was forever altered when a young man named Josh mistook her for a peer. 

Just like that, a middle-aged (incredibly hot) woman found her key to success -- if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Josh and Liza in Bed

Josh was the impetus for Liza's new direction in life. Embracing her career introduced her to people who would greatly affect her life, but it was Josh who turned the tides.

There isn't a doubt that Josh and Liza's love affair was genuine and heartfelt. Even when Liza revealed the truth to Josh, his love for her never wavered. There is something incredibly sexy about that kind of attraction.

Liza also encountered another desirable gentleman in the form of Charles Brooks. Liza's intellectual and age-appropriate peer, Diana, didn't have a work crush on him for nothing.

Liza was having the time of her life hanging with the popular crowd and revisiting scenarios she missed out on because at 26 she was a married mother.

Charles & Liza 1

But Liza was also desperate for meaningful conversations that spoke to interests she'd acquired while maturing.

With Josh, Liza experienced adventures she could have never had otherwise. The sex was incredible. She learned to love again. But she wasn't fully satisfied with Josh. Maybe it was because being with Josh was a constant learning experience.

Younger Review: It's All About the Money

We'll probably never understand what it was, but something kept Liza from fully committing to Josh. But we do know what attracted her to Charles. 

Liza didn't turn to Charles because she was unable or unwilling to commit to Josh. She might have balked because of their age difference, but it was shared interests with Charles that appealed to another side of Liza.

Josh and Liza in Bathtub

While Josh enjoyed nights out with music and friends, Liza also craved deep discussions, especially about literature. She discovered she had a lot in common with Charles, and that's what set that ball rolling.

She wasn't turning away from Josh. Liza was turning toward Charles. Both men are equally worthy of Liza's attention. They're both caring and kind, very good looking, intelligent, funny, and sexy. Liza cannot go wrong with either one of them.

But who cares? While all of this romantic stuff was happening, Liza also formed deep friendships with Kelsey and Diana. Liza championed the two women as much as they did her.

Her friendships with them have been tested and proven to be just as significant as her romantic partnerships.

Scheming - Younger

What Liza learned when she wasn't worrying about her love life was that her age wasn't an obstacle to Kelsey and her friends. Emotionally, they were on par; she had just been out of the loop. 

Liza helped Diana to stop worrying about being older, too. With all of that friendship and support going around, age became a blur. Sure, for too long Liza's lie felt like an insurmountable barrier to the show moving forward, but the relationships proved invaluable to overcoming that.

Younger Review: Holding Out for a Shero

What's left in the wake of the truth should be a firm basis of friendship and the common goal of making a wave in the publishing industry.

Instead, we're whipped around episode by episode by Liza's indecisiveness about the two men in her life. Frankly, it's just boring. 

Publisher and Editor  - Younger Season 6 Episode 6

Making matters worse is a similar relationship conundrum between Kelsey and Zane. He wants her to commit, but she cuts and runs when the going gets tough. An argument isn't a argument, it's a breakup. It's exhausting.

Then again, maybe this IS the point of Younger. It wasn't to prove that youth is a state of mind, but to remind everyone that women will never let go of relationship drama no matter their age.

I sure as heck hope that isn't the prevailing message here, but it's starting to seem that way. Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?

Liza has Josh, and she wants Charles. Charles wants to take it to the next step, and suddenly, Josh looks a whole lot better to Liza. In her reviews of Younger, Lizzy has taken the approach that being with Charles reminds Liza of her marriage, a place she never wants to revisit.

Younger Hashtag Pathetic

She sees Charles as mundane while imagining Liza still sees Josh as exciting. Except we've witnessed Liza and Charles heat up their lives  by role-playing at art galleries, and together they've determined they'll never just go along with what the other wants if it turns them off.

At the same time, Josh has a baby and is leading a much more sedate life. 

19 Reasons Why Liza and Charles are Endgame on Younger

If Liza thinks that the idea of marriage is a turnoff, what would make her think raising a child was going to keep her in the fast lane?

None of it makes sense. Liza's desires turn on a dime for the sake of fabricated drama, and it's time to stop it. Younger has a stunning roster of characters, so let's move the focus away from romance and back to the topic at hand -- that age is a number, and attitude rules.

Younger I Don't Care

Revisiting the same plot points over and over and over until your head explodes isn't all it's cracked up to be. Younger is a state of mind. Indecisiveness is an irritating trait.

Team Josh or Team Charles. Whatever. Team get the ball rolling onto new and exciting adventures.

Where do you stand on Younger?

The Younger Season 6 finale featuring Diana's wedding to Enzo airs Wednesday, September 4 at 10:30 ET on TV Land.

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