American Horror Story: 1984 - Which Two Fan Favorites Returned?

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The insanity continued on American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 7 as two fan-favorite actors from previous seasons made their triumphant returns. 

We already knew Dylan McDermott was staging a comeback, but Lily Rabe's return was kept well under wraps. 

Rabe played the mother of Mr. Jingles, who worked as a cook at Camp Redwood back in 1948. The biggest surprise here was that the camp existed way back when, but it went under another name. 

Lily Rabe Returns - American Horror Story

In a flashback to that time period, we learned that Benjamin was supposed to be looking after his younger brother Bobby when disaster struck. 

Bobby got caught in the engine of a motorboat while Benjamin was busy staring from afar at the camp lifeguard having sex with a girl in the woods. 


Benjamin's mother flipped out, blaming every single person at the camp -- including Benjamin. It was clear from the get-go she hated Benjamin because he was not like the other children. 

Bobby was the one she cared about, and that was evident. In the present-day storyline, Jingles returned to the place it all started and had to answer to the likes of Montana, Xavier, and Ray. 

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He told them that his mother murdered all the camp counselors in a massacre, essentially confirming the camp was the worst. 

Benjamin was the one to end her life when she tried to murder him. 

AHS 903-5

He told them that her blood was filled with rage, and that's why it went into the soil and created this purgatory for camp counselors. He vowed to get her to stop and found her. 

His mother dropped the bomb that she was the one who kept the massacres of Camp Redwood going ... all in an attempt to destroy her son. She was the one who told Margaret to carry out the killing spree in 1970. 

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“The wrong son died that day — it should have been you!" the twisted mother yelled. Not even the revelation that Benjamin had a son named Bobby could change her stance.

However, she did tell him that in order to defeat Richard and save Bobby, he had to kill himself. That's what he did, and he became the latest ghost of Camp Redwood. 

AHS 903-1

Meanwhile, Donna tried to get the drugs out of Brooke's system and told her that she wanted her to live a long and happy life with a new identity. 

But Brooke heard about the Camp Redwood music festival and decided that it was time to dole out some revenge. 

They were joined by Bruce, played by Dylan McDermott, who turned out to be yet another serial killer. That's about five who have tried to murder Brooke since the premiere. 

At one point, Bruce attached Donna to the back of the car and pointed a gun to tell Brooke to drive, but Brooke was so over what to do and got the upper hand. 

ahs 1984 bruce

Brooke then cut both of his thumbs off so he couldn't hitchhike any longer. Karma, right?

As Margaret prepared for the festival, Kajagoogoo was visited by Richard, and we learned that he only made it to stardom thanks to a deal with the devil. 

Richard offed him and his entire tour bus. 

Yes, really. 

What did you think of all these significant returns?

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