Days of Our Lives' Kristian Alfonso Addresses Cancellation Rumors

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Should Days of Our Lives fans be worried about the future of the show?

The moment it was announced that the actors had been released from their contracts, fans worried whether it could spell doom for the NBC daytime sudser. 

Leading lady, Kristian Alfonso, took to Instagram Tuesday to quell those fears. 

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“Today is Tuesday, November 12th, and we are still here, and we are not going anywhere,” Alfonso shared. 

“You heard it here first, folks. Don’t listen to the news, always — especially that report.”

The report in question originated from TV Line, which claimed the contracts with the cast had been nixed by Corday Productions. 

The news couldn't come at a more precarious time: The show is up for renewal, and Sony Pictures Television and NBC are in deep negotiations about renewing it. 

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TV Line has proven to be a reputable outlet in the business, so we're inclined to believe they are reporting facts here. 

Like many have speculated, the contract scenario could be a way to lock people into new contracts, presumably with less pay. 

Even worse, it's not clear whether everyone would even be asked back, meaning that many cast members could simply disappear between seasons. 

That's a worrying thought, assuming the show does return. 

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What we do know is that production on the series is going on an indefinite hiatus at the end of this month, but because of the way the show films, there will still be enough episodes to air through Summer 2020. 

Days of Our Lives has been steadily declining for years, and fans have not exactly been praising the quality of recent episodes. 

On top of that, NBC recently launched a talk show led by Kelly Clarkson in daytime, and it is pulling in decent ratings. 

NBC may want to keep Days of Our Lives around, but the network probably wants to reduce the costs to make it feasible to continue. 

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Whether a deal will be reached, we don't know, but the show should get back into production in March if all goes to plan. 

The daytime soaps are a dying genre, so it would be a real shame to lose a show that is still popular with fans. 

What are your thoughts on the news?

Are you a fan of the series still, or are you over it?

Hit the comments below. 

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