Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6 Review: A Used Up Memory

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How many shady people can take up residence on a single show?

Well, Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6 proved that the answer is a whole lot and then some. 

It's hard to tell who's the shadiest at this point. Is it Evan Tate? Is it Adam Carrington? Is it his nurse Nadia?

A Business Proposition - Dynasty

Is it Dominique? Or is it self-help speaker Joel Turner? 

Every single one of these people is working an angle and has a hidden agenda, and quite frankly, it's becoming a little hard to keep up. 

Even Blake Carrington is up to no good, but that's the least surprising part of the episode honestly. 

Fallon: I am working on removing the other "L" word from my vocabulary.
Monica: "Love" or "Liam"?
Fallon: Both. I need to work on forgetting Liam, which is ironic.

There were some wholesome parts of Liam and Fallon's rekindled relationship that balanced out the episode rather nicely. 

Liam finally got his memories back and remembered he loved Fallon.  

At first, his approach was rather confusing as he invited her to dinner, but then kept insisting he just needed some help remembering.

True Love - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6

But by the time Fallon launched her new company, Fallon Unlimited, he was fully himself again and ready to win her back. 

He made yet another grand gesture that called back to their divorce party, one of my favorite Fallon episodes, and the one where she first realized the extent of her feelings for him.

Once again, they were in a room surrounded by people, but all they saw was each other. 

This may be my first ankle monitor, but it ain't my first rodeo.


I'll always be living for these romantic Falliam moments. 

But something always has to be plaguing Fallon and Liam's relationship.

If it isn't Ashley, it's Liam's mom, Laura, or Adam, and now, Evan-fricking-Tate. 

I've Got Your Back - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6

Admittedly, Fallon did do him dirty, but Evan should have always known he was a rebound. 

He was more serious about the relationship than Fallon was. 

Fallon was in denial about her feelings for Liam. 

But Fallon should have been skeptical of a man who wanted to date her after she'd admitted to lying about his sister's death. 

You Don't Know Anything  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6

He went from hating Fallon to wanting to sleep with her. Normal people don't do that.

Evan has some serious anger issues, which he displayed when he initially trashed Fallon's garden, and then again on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6 when he angrily threw and broke one of her ceramic statues. 

Is Evan a sore loser? Was his plan always to butter Fallon up and then destroy her?

And why did he steal her hair? Presumably, he's going to use her DNA to frame her for something.

Check Mate - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6

Evan might as well befriend Adam. They'd make a great duo. 

When I spoke with Adam Huber (Liam Ridley), I mentioned that I wanted Fallon and Liam to catch a break and bask in their happiness, and he assured me he'd like to see that, too.

Maybe Dynasty will allow them just one episode to be happy without interruptions?

Fallon: I know you can't see me right now, but my face does not look happy.
Adam: Hello, Fallon. (sniffs) Mm, You do smell mad.
Fallon: Ugh. Gross.

Hopefully, Fallon's relationship with Liam doesn't cause her to lose focus on her company initiatives. We need her to back to her businesswoman days so she's more than just her relationships. 

Adam Carrington was a pain in everyone's ass from the moment he arrived at the Manor, but now that he has an accomplice, it takes things to a whole other level. 

Nadia's motivations are unclear, but she'll gladly do anything with (and to) Adam.

I'm Just Like You - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6

Not only is she crossing plenty of inappropriate lines with a patient, but she's also breaking plenty of rules by sneaking around the Manor and looking into Blake's will. 

Adam technically wouldn't know if Nadia ever saw the will since he cannot see, so there's a possibility she could be making up the fact that Blake altered the will and named Cristal her so that Adam would be even more furious. 

Whatever her vendetta is, it stems from her hatred of Cristal. 

Dominique: What if I told the press you engineered that entire Victor Diaz attack for free publicity?
Culhane: So I'm Jussie Smollett now?

She's happy to assist Adam with taking his whole family down, but the sole focus has always been on his step-mother. 

Considering Cristal is how she got the job in the first place, it's likely that they knew each other from somewhere previously. 

She even told Adam she's helping him because she understands the hurt he's going through. 

Was she a victim of Cristal's family? 

We Need a Plan - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6

I never thought I'd say this, but Nadia is a bad influence on Adam. 

Then, there's Dominique who is slowly earning the evil step-mother title. 

At first, it seemed like she just wanted to get her daughter to score a record deal and was using Monica and Jeff's connections to get her there. 

It was shady, but not overly shady. 

Fallon, I'm not doing this to blow up your world, I'm doing this because I remember my world won't be the same without you in it. Most importantly, I remember I was in love with you.


Yet, the way she threatened Culhane was next-level. 

Dominique, it is not that serious. 

For a moment, I believed Culhane finally learned his lesson about dealing with females with crazy families. It's never worth it no matter how great the girl is. 

Evil Step Mother - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6

But, sadly, Culhane was spotted with Vanessa after promising Dominique that he'd leave her alone. 

The good news is that he figured out Vanessa is Dominique's step-daughter, so he does have the upper-hand if Dominique wants to keep her secret. 

When Dominique revealed that much about herself, I figured she either forgot she was keeping a secret or figured Culhane was too stupid to put two-and-two together. 

I'm Onto You - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6

And if we didn't have enough conniving people to keep up with, Kirby added another one to the list with Joel Turner. 

Their relationship moved rather quickly from the moment they met to Kirby getting swept away to some isolated retreat that sounds beyond creepy.  

If I had to guess, Kirby's getting sucked into some kind of cult-like scheme. Joel saw an impressionable young woman without any direction in her life and preyed on her.

Sneaking Out Past Bedtime - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6

Sammy should have put a stop to it right away since he picked up on how creepy the situation was and how thirsty Kirby was. 

The Blake Carrington and Jeff Colby war continues as Colby ensures that Blake pays for what he did. 

The self-proclaimed "tech genius" hacked Blake's ankle-monitor, so he knew when he was on the move and enabled his massive social media following to do the heavy lifting for him and pinpoint Blake's location. Impressive. 

Never underestimate the power of social media. 

Maybe if Blake got a social media/ PR person, they'd be able to spin him into a man that draws a more favorable reaction from the Atlanta population. 

That's My Girl  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6

Lord knows he needs it to win this trial. 

But if you watch Dynasty online, you know Blake always has another plan in his back pocket. 

He'll find a way to convince the jury to weigh in his favor. 

Where there's Carrington money and persuasion, there's a way. 

I'm turning it over to you, TV Fanatics. 

What did you think of the episode? 

Who is the most deranged character at the moment?

A Used Up Memory Review

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

This may be my first ankle monitor, but it ain't my first rodeo.


Fallon: I am working on removing the other "L" word from my vocabulary.
Monica: "Love" or "Liam"?
Fallon: Both. I need to work on forgetting Liam, which is ironic.