Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Not Acceptable

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Elliot Alderson, is that you?

Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 6 sent the hacker on a dark journey as he had to find a way to get Olivia to make the call that would allow him access to the bank account that Deus was using. 

Olivia was an easy character to like. She was straight-up about her flaws and history with drugs. There was a visible connection between her and Elliot. 

The Big Decision - Mr. Robot

But it was clear that her past put her on the outs with her loved ones. It was Christmas Day, and she was spending the day alone in her apartment. 

The smile on her face the moment Elliot arrived was telling. Elliot arriving with a drink which he described as Christmas in a cup was a cute gesture, but I did not expect him to lace her drink with drugs. 

Mr. Robot Looks Worried Season 4 Episode 6

It was evident he was going too far when even Mr. Robot, one of the most unhinged characters on all of TV, thought he was making a mistake. 

In an ideal world, Elliot would not have had to stoop that low, but the net was closing. In the deadly game of cat and mouse against Dark Army, there was always going to be collateral damage. 

I want you to locate Mr. Alderson, and bring him in.


Olivia was a nice young woman who was struggling to battle her demons. The betrayal from the man she knew all of five minutes was too much for her. 

Elliot on the Phone - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 6

She admitted that she was terrible on drugs and that it wasn't just the case of her coming straight back off them. It's likely that she didn't want to put her child through witnessing her on drugs. 

Then again, the custody arrangement would be scrapped the moment anyone learned about her being back on them. Her suicide attempt was predictable, especially after she asked Elliot if him sleeping with her was an accident. 

What you're about to do is crossing a line.

Mr. Robot

If you watch Mr. Robot online, you know Elliot has been cold as ice since Angela died. Slowly, but surely, he's startening to soften again. 

The near-death of Olivia moved that along somewhat. Even if Elliot manages to find a way to clear Olivia's involvement in the crime, she's still going to face an uphill battle to get off the drugs.

A Sullen Elliot - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 6

What little faith she had left in humanity diminished the moment she realized she was getting played. The only good thing that came out of it was that Darlene wiped the phone, so hopefully, the Dark Army will not find her. 

The whole ordeal with Olivia made Elliot rush to help Krista at the first opportunity. Even though Krista iced out Elliot, he understands that she was instrumental in helping him battle his own demons. 

He would love nothing more than to make things right with her, but she was just playing him to save her life. Elliot getting kidnapped by Vera and his gang is probably a blessing in disguise. 

He's better getting kidnapped by them over the Dark Army because the latter wants him dead ... or so we think. Whiterose telling his assistant that he needs to make Elliot aware they are working on the same side was surprising. 

Darlene Searches - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 5

With seven episodes left in the series, it's possible that we could be in for a wild revelation that renders Whiterose a better person than we're being led to believe he is. 

He let Elliot evade death on more than one occasion, and that counts for something. He may have killed Angela, but she was dead set on exposing the truth about the Dark Army. 

Now, you're going to give me exactly what I want.


Might it be that Whiterose plans to expose the members of Deus instead? It's a stretch, but all we can do is speculate with this show. Sam Esmail and his team successfully flip the script continually, and that's why it's one of the best around. 

The Vera plot is starting to drag, and it is fast emerging as the weakest of Mr. Robot Season 4. I respect the need for a slow burn in some instances, but when everything else is moving along swimmingly, it leaves a bitter taste. 

Dom Looks On - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 5

Vera is all talk and minimal action, and he needs to be taken down stat. 

Dom being sent to kill Darlene resulted in some thrilling scenes. You never truly know what's going to happen in this series, but it was ridiculous of Darlene to return to her apartment. 

After everything that transpired on Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 5, you would think Elliot and Darlene would have moved to a new base or at least somewhere safe. 

Dom and Darlene's paths had to cross again, and it was a shame it was under those circumstances. Dom was fooling herself into thinking she could carry out the murder of the woman she was thinking about while masturbating just a few episodes ago. 

Her Own Truth - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 2

It wasn't surprising that Dom wanted Darlene to kill her. Dom is under great pressure because the lives of every single member of her family are tethered to her doing the Dark Army's bidding. 

Janice showing up right on time threw me a little because I figured Darlene would make an escape. Janice can't kill Darlene until she gets her hands on Mr. Robot, but that doesn't mean she won't torture both women. 

She's crazy and will go to any lengths to keep the mission moving along nicely. That's just who she is. 

"Not Acceptable" was the slowest episode of the season. It wasn't bad, but there were many plots that felt too convenient to take seriously. 

You DID WHAT? - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 2

Hopefully, this one is just a blip and we'll be back to the good stuff before we know it. 

What did you think of the latest twists and turns? 

What will happen to Darlene and Elliot?

Hit the comments. 

Mr. Robot continues Sundays on USA Network. 

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Not Acceptable Review

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Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Now, you're going to give me exactly what I want.


What you're about to do is crossing a line.

Mr. Robot