Titans Renewed for Season 3 at DC Universe

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The adventures of Dick Grayson and his ever expanding band of Titans will continue on DC Universe. 

The streamer has confirmed that Season 3 of Titans is a go, and it will bow on the service in fall 2020. 

Finding Rose - Titans Season 2 Episode 2

Titans Season 2 has found the heroes Dick Grayson, Rachel Roth/Raven, Kory Anders/Starfire, Gar Logan/Beast Boy, Hank Hall/Hawk, Dawn Granger/Dove, Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, and Jason Todd/Robin going up against an old foe in Deathstroke, the man responsible for the team disbanding four years earlier. 

He continues to be a force to be reckoned with as secrets from the past have threatened to end to destroy the unit Dick helped create. 

It's been a resounding success, once again, with excellent fight scenes, new heroes, and a witty script. 

Dove Fights a Bad Guy - Titans Season 2 Episode 4

The big concern for the series is that the heroes never stay together for long, rendering the term "Titans" to be a bit of a stretch. But with three episodes remaining in Titans Season 2, the hope is that the team will be solidified by the season's end. 

We've also been introduced to the likes of Rose, Jericho, Garth, and Conner. Joshua Orpin has been a stellar edition as Superboy, and there's a good chance he will be appearing on a more regular basis down the line. 

Welcome, Superboy - Titans Season 2 Episode 6

There have been hints of Lex Luthor, but we have yet to see him on-screen. There's no word on whether that will become a storyline in the third season, or if they will veer away from that one. 

Titans spinoff Doom Patrol has already been renewed, with its second season slated to air in early 2020. 

One thing of note: DC Universe has not revealed whether Titans will pull double duty on HBO Max when it launches like the spinoff is. 

Gar Fights Back - Titans Season 2 Episode 10

The other live-action series on DC Universe, Swamp Thing, was not as lucky. It was canceled after just one episode aired, despite garnering strong review. 

Another live-action series titled Stargirl is in the works, with Brec Bassinger in the title role. That show wrapped production in September, but has yet to score a formal premiere date. 

There were rumors that it could be moving to The CW. 

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