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Did Lynn make the right call?

On Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 8, she continued arguing with her husband over recent events in Freeland. 

Escort Mission - Tall - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7

However, things took a deadly turn when it emerged that Tobias was manipulating her. 

Meanwhile, Black Lightning went up against the ASA. 

The Insurgency Council - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7

This paved the way for another deadly battle. 

Did everyone survive?

Finally, Jennifer made a decision about her future as a superhero.

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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Tobias: Don’t be naïve, Dr. Stewart. You know exactly what the ASA is gonna do with those Metas once you’ve stabilized them. Just look at the roster you gave me: super strength, accelerated healing, and my favorite, camouflage. Seem like weapons to me.
Lynn: I’ve heard it all before.
Tobias: Oh, really? From whom? Wait … you don’t mean Black Lightning? How interesting. Guess he is smarter than I thought.

Brandon: I’ve been looking for Dr. Jace ever since.
Jennifer: And now you’ve come to Freeland to kill her?
Brandon: Probably sound like a terrible person, huh?
Jennifer: No, actually, I get it.
Brandon: You do?
Jennifer: Yeah, look, when Khalil was murdered, all I could think about was revenge. I wanted to kill the person who did that to him; make them suffer the way he suffered. And to be honest, I still do.