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The Pit's A.I. conducts an examination of Tobias. He proudly exclaims that he won't become one of Odell's metahuman soldiers.

Jefferson calls Lynn but she doesn't pick up the phone.

Anissa's powers have healed and returned to normal; there's only a residual mark on her arm. Gambi shows her a news report from the outside that says Freeland is being quarantined for a SARS outbreak. Gambi needs Anissa's help to get proof to show everyone that Jefferson being attacked is because of ASA control.

Tobias toys with Lynn about her helping the ASA cure the metahumans for their military aspirations. He says that the ASA will flood the city with Green Light to create more soldiers.

Jennifer shocks Brandon with electricity when she visits his place. Brandon deduces that his earth abilities help ground Jennifer's electric abilities so that they're stable and not harmful.

Blackbird visits Jamila (aka. Truthteller) to get evidence on the ASA beatings. She found a way to broadcast outside of the media blackout.

Deputy Chief Henderson asks Jefferson to help free Franklin Terrace from Commander Williams and ASA control. Mrs. Shepherd, their old teacher, is refusing to leave the building, and if they don't help her leave, the ASA will harm her.

Jennifer lies to Brandon about how she got powers. Brandon reveals that Dr. Jace experimented on his mother while she was pregnant; his mother died before he turned 10 years old. Jennifer still wants to get revenge for Khalil's death.

Jefferson tries to get Mrs. Shepherd to leave her apartment, but she refuses because of the memories. Jefferson makes a stand against the ASA as Black Lightning.

Gambi plans to hack into an abandoned radio tower to send the message outside of the city. Anissa dresses up as Thunder to help Black Lightning. Black Lightning, Thunder, Henderson, and the insurgency stand up against the ASA.

One of the Pod Kids, Baron, is hiding out at the radio tower. Baron locks Gambi in a room, but he lets him out so that Gambi can send the message.

Lynn discovers a secret lab that holds Green Light syringes; she needs Tobias' help to stop the ASA. Tobias demands that Lynn set him free so that his powers can't be used to stabilize the metahumans. He wants Lynn to gene splice his body with Miriam's cloaking ability.

Brandon gets mad when he discovers Dr. Jace is outside Freeland with the Markovians. He nearly causes an earthquake before collapsing due to a powerful flare.

Barron's ability allows him to communicate with technology; he's a technopath (or "Techno Crack" by the ASA). Barron uses his ability to turn the radio station on.

Painkiller and Thunder have a rematch inside the apartment building. Thunder discovers that he's Khalil before sending him out a window.

Gambi, TC, and Thunder successfully send out Jamila's message outside of Freeland.

Alarms set off in The Pit; Gambi warns Lynn that she needs to get out of the facility. Lynn steals the cure and portions of Green Light. She manages to escape, but she leaves behind her bag by accident.

Commander Williams copies Jefferson's powers, but he's overwhelmed by the electricity. He collapses from the stress; everyone cheers on his victory.

Black Lightning wants to take back the city from the ASA.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Tobias: Don’t be naïve, Dr. Stewart. You know exactly what the ASA is gonna do with those Metas once you’ve stabilized them. Just look at the roster you gave me: super strength, accelerated healing, and my favorite, camouflage. Seem like weapons to me.
Lynn: I’ve heard it all before.
Tobias: Oh, really? From whom? Wait … you don’t mean Black Lightning? How interesting. Guess he is smarter than I thought.

Brandon: I’ve been looking for Dr. Jace ever since.
Jennifer: And now you’ve come to Freeland to kill her?
Brandon: Probably sound like a terrible person, huh?
Jennifer: No, actually, I get it.
Brandon: You do?
Jennifer: Yeah, look, when Khalil was murdered, all I could think about was revenge. I wanted to kill the person who did that to him; make them suffer the way he suffered. And to be honest, I still do.