Renewal Scorecard 2018-19: Which Shows are Coming Back?

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It's time to take a look at which shows from the 2018-19 TV season. 

Which shows made the cut for renewals?

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We've rounded them all for you below. 

This article will be updated as the season winds down with other shows that have been renewed, so bookmark the page. 


1. Schooled - ABC

Schooled - ABC
Renewed for Season 2!

2. Blindspot - NBC

Blindspot - NBC
Blindspot gets one more season to finish out its story.

3. The Blacklist - NBC

The Blacklist - NBC
Renewed for Season 7!

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - NBC
Renewed for Season 7!

5. Chicago Fire - NBC

Chicago Fire  - NBC
Renewed for Season 8!

6. Chicago Med - NBC

Chicago Med - NBC
Renewed for Season 5!

7. Chicago P.D. - NBC

Chicago P.D. - NBC
Renewed for Season 7!

8. The Good Place - NBC

The Good Place - NBC
Renewed for Season 4.

9. Law & Order: SVU - NBC

Law & Order: SVU - NBC
Renewed for Season 21.

10. Manifest - NBC

Manifest  - NBC
Renewed for Season 2!

11. New Amsterdam - NBC

New Amsterdam - NBC
Renewed for Season 2!

12. Superstore - NBC

Superstore - NBC
Renewed for Season 5!

13. Will & Grace - NBC

Will & Grace - NBC
Renewed for Season 3.

14. Good Girls - NBC

Good Girls - NBC
Renewed for Season 3.

15. Blue Bloods - CBS

Blue Bloods - CBS
Renewed for Season 10!

16. Bull - CBS

Bull - CBS
Renewed for Season 4.

17. Criminal Minds - CBS

Criminal Minds - CBS
Renewed for Season 15.

18. FBI - CBS

Renewed for Season 2!

19. God Friended Me - CBS

God Friended Me - CBS
Renewed for Season 2!

20. Hawaii Five-0 - CBS

Hawaii Five-0 - CBS
Steve and Mary wait to meet a source who claims to have information about Mary's sketchy next-door neighbor.

21. MacGyver - CBS

MacGyver - CBS
Renewed for Season 4.

22. Madam Secretary - CBS

Madam Secretary - CBS
Renewed for Season 6.

23. Magnum P.I. - CBS

Magnum P.I. - CBS
Renewed for Season 2.

24. Mom - CBS

Mom - CBS
Renewed for two more seasons.

25. NCIS - CBS

Renewed for Season 17.

26. NCIS: Los Angeles - CBS

NCIS: Los Angeles - CBS
Renewed for Season 11.

27. NCIS: New Orleans - CBS

NCIS: New Orleans - CBS
Renewed for Season 6.

28. The Neighborhood - CBS

The Neighborhood - CBS
Renewed for Season 2.

29. SEAL Team - CBS

Renewed for Season 3.

30. S.W.A.T. - CBS

S.W.A.T. - CBS
Renewed for Season 3.

31. Young Sheldon - CBS

Young Sheldon - CBS
Renewed for 2 seasons.

32. black-ish - ABC

black-ish - ABC
Renewed for Season 6.

33. The Conners - ABC

The Conners - ABC
Renewed for season 2.

34. A Million Little Things - ABC

A Million Little Things - ABC
Renewed for Season 2.

35. The Good Doctor - ABC

The Good Doctor - ABC
Renewed for Season 3.

36. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - ABC

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - ABC
Renewed for Season 7.

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