Power Season 6 Episode 12 Review: He Always Wins

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A day in the life of Paz turned out to be a pretty worthwhile experience. 

Power Season 6 Episode 12 was not only heavy on the Paz but also gave us much greater insight into the hours leading up to Ghost's murder. 

We still don't know who killed Ghost, but the fun of these final episodes will be putting all the various puzzle pieces together until we finally reveal the killer's identity. 

Angry Paz - Power Season 6 Episode 12

Devoid of the redemption arc that riddled Power Season 6 Episode 11, this episode felt more focused and like we were getting actual clues about what happened to Ghost. 

Paz has been on the warpath for a few seasons now. She's never trusted Ghost, seemingly since they were kids, and she's always wanted him away from Angela. 

She knew that dealing with Ghost would get Angela hurt in some way, but her death had caused Paz to be blind to anything else but revenge. 

Paz: There's a lot of things we didn't know about Angela. And it looks like she got herself in some trouble.
Junior: What she do?
Paz: She might have been an accomplice to Jamie St. Patrick and his drug business.
Junior: So she did this to herself?

Paz knew one side of her sister, but everyone she encountered to ask for help, from Tasha to Saxe, knew a different Angela. And Paz had extreme difficulties reconciling who she thought her sister was versus what she actually was. 

Surveying The Club - Power Season 6 Episode 12

Junior wasn't wrong to question whether or not Angela brought everything that happened to her on herself. It's a valid question. 

Throughout the series, Angela did a lot of questionable things, and in the end, all her misdeeds caught up to her. Is it right to blame all of that on everyone else, but Angela?

Paz had a one-track mind when it came to Ghost and Angela, and she was incapable of seeing that the two of them were ever in a partnership of any kind. It was Ghost pulling strings, and it was Ghost that needed to pay for Angela's death. 

It was interesting to see Paz switch back and forth between wanting to just shoot Ghost herself and then wanting to help bring him down and put him in jail. 

Ramona Smiles - Power Season 6 Episode 12

Every time she would take a deep breath and see that killing Ghost wasn't the answer, she'd try to work with Saxe or Warner or whoever was still employed by the District Attorney's office. 

But then something would immediately happen to play on her emotions and then she'd revert to just wanting Ghost gone. 

Seeing the conversation with Ghost at Truth play out a second time knowing what she was supposed to be getting Ghost to admit to was a great way to raise the stakes for viewers who were watching this scene play out again.

Tasha: Now you listen, James didn't kill Raina, just like he didn't kill Angela. No matter what the fuck you may think.
Paz: Stop lying for him!
Tasha: Would you listen, if I thought we could take him down you don't think I would try? I would. But there's no beating him. He always wins!
Paz: If you're not gonna help me, I'ma do it myself.

During that conversation with Ghost, you could tell that Paz realized that everything Tasha told her was true. 

You don't get to be Ghost without being a force. And Paz did everything she could to seek her justice for Angela, but it was no match for Ghost. 

Paz even went to Tommy for help, which was pretty much rock bottom for her. And can we just discuss how she even knew where Tommy lived?

That whole encounter was strange, and Paz was so desperate she didn't even pick up on the fact that Tommy was pretty much saying that Angela deserved what happened to her. 

She gets that realization much later, but in various moments throughout the episode, Paz was just too immeshed in her hatred to think clearly. 

Ghost Looks On - Power Season 6 Episode 12

In the end, Paz wasn't the person to shoot and kill Ghost, which we could have assumed from the start. Her brain won out in the end, and she left Truth with that gun in her bag and left Ghost to whatever his fate may be. 

Of course, she didn't realize that he would die a few days later. Nor did she realize that Ghost left her money in his will. 

It's understandable why Paz wouldn't want to take the money, but for the millionth time that hour, she was unable to separate her feelings from her brain. 

Angela is gone, and now Ghost is gone, but she's still there. And so is Junior and so is her father. 

Warner Listens - Power Season 6 Episode 12

They've all been through hell, but that money was made to make things just a minuscule better for them. And Paz had every right to it. 

The weird relationship between Tasha and Paz was kind of enjoyable for a time, as the two women commiserated over the man that had taken so much from them both. 

And I'm glad that Tasha was fully honest with her. 

Honest about Ghost's feelings for Angela, and honest about her death. It pushed Paz to keep the money she should have taken straight away, and although it brought Paz no peace and pushed her to attempt to kill someone else, it was at least the truth. 

Tommy Ponders - Power Season 6 Episode 12

Paz may never find true peace, but she was able to find the truth. 

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Mak was back to spar with Warner and find out that practically every single person tied to the case against Angela had died. How fun!
  • Ghost left Kate money, which makes sense, and she mentioned being excited to tell her "other" son about it. Maybe that was a throwaway line, but it feels like it could have a deeper meaning. 
  • Junior was ready to jump in and kill Ghost, thinking that it was somehow going to make everything better. And he had like zero information about anything. A true Valdes through and through.
Saxe Laments - Power Season 6 Episode 12
  • Tommy vanished out of thin air overnight. He's done a lot of things over the years and never up and left that quick. 
  • Love seeing Geoffrey Owens as Ghost's estate lawyer! 
  • Ramona, Ramona, Ramona. I know Ghost is handsome and charming, but hello! There's A LOT of drama and death that surrounds this man. 

Even though this was a stronger installment than the Dre episode, it still feels incredibly odd to have the final hours of Power barely feature the characters that made it what it is. 

Nevermind the fact they don't seem overly concerned with giving the main character a proper send-off just yet. 

Hopefully, the final three episodes are heavier on the central figures, and the show ends its run on a strong note. 

Looking Over Your Shoulder - Power Season 6 Episode 12

Let me know what you guys thought about ' He Aways Wins' in the comments!

Did you enjoy seeing more of Paz?

Where did Tommy vanish to?

Now, who do you think shot Ghost?

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He Always Wins Review

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Power Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Tasha: Now you listen, James didn't kill Raina, just like he didn't kill Angela. No matter what the fuck you may think.
Paz: Stop lying for him!
Tasha: Would you listen, if I thought we could take him down you don't think I would try? I would. But there's no beating him. He always wins!
Paz: If you're not gonna help me, I'ma do it myself.

Warner: Saxe has got to be stopped.
Mak: I can't help you stop him. He didn't break the law in front of me. I can tell you he was obsessed with taking Angela down and James St. Patrick with her. Has he shown poor judgment? Sure. Criminal maleficence? I wouldn't really know.
Warner: Thank you for your time.
Mak: It's always nice to meet somebody from the regional office.
Warner: Fucking twat.