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Paz has a dream that she is at the hospital looking for Angela but instead runs into a bloodied Ghost. Later that morning she sees that Ghost is running for office on the news. 

Warner meets with Max to get more information on Saxe so he can bring him down. 

Paz meets with Tasha and asks for help getting Ghost arrested but she refuses to help. Paz then follows Ghost around the city with a gun, but doesn't confront him and instead goes looking for Saxe. She runs into Warner instead who tells her that Saxe botched the investigation. 

After meeting with Saxe, Paz tells her son Junior that there's a lot they didn't know about Angela.

Paz goes to Warner and tells him about the phone in her casket that could expose both Angela and Ghost. Angela's body is exhumed and the phone is recovered but only outgoing messages can be recovered. And they aren't enough to make an arrest. 

Paz wears a wire and confronts Ghost at Truth. With Warner listening in, Ghost admits that Angela was helping him but doesn't give up any specific information.

Junior tells Paz that he wants revenge against Ghost for ruining their lives, but she talks him out of doing anything violent. She then goes to Tommy and asks him to shoot Ghost but he refuses. 

A member of the Democratic Party visits Warner and tells him to stop coming after Ghost, but Warner continues to pursue the case against him. 

Paz wakes up from a nap and sees her gun is missing. She finds Junior on his way to Truth and takes the gun before sending him home. She follows Ghost around the club with the intent to shoot him but backs out. And the next morning she sees that Ghost was killed. 

With Saxe's help, Paz gets Angela's body put back into the ground and then she receives a phone call from the lawyer of Ghost's estate. Ghost put Paz in his will shortly after Angela's death, but she refuses to take the money. 

At the lawyer's office, Paz runs into Tasha and she tells her that Tommy killed Angela and begs her to take the money. Paz relents and decides to take the money. She then goes to Tommy's apartment with a gun but sees that the apartment has been cleared out. 

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Power Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Tasha: Now you listen, James didn't kill Raina, just like he didn't kill Angela. No matter what the fuck you may think.
Paz: Stop lying for him!
Tasha: Would you listen, if I thought we could take him down you don't think I would try? I would. But there's no beating him. He always wins!
Paz: If you're not gonna help me, I'ma do it myself.

Warner: Saxe has got to be stopped.
Mak: I can't help you stop him. He didn't break the law in front of me. I can tell you he was obsessed with taking Angela down and James St. Patrick with her. Has he shown poor judgment? Sure. Criminal maleficence? I wouldn't really know.
Warner: Thank you for your time.
Mak: It's always nice to meet somebody from the regional office.
Warner: Fucking twat.