The 100: Gabriel Santiago's Potential Final Relationship Adventures

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Consider this a preview of the upcoming season of The 100 or maybe just a fun Valentine's Day themed conversation. Regardless of the inspiration, Gabriel Santiago is a precious human who has been through enough and now deserves nothing but love.

Luckily, with Chuku Modu being upgraded to series regular, there is suddenly more time to make sure he gets exactly that.

But his love doesn't have to be romantic. Gabriel can branch out into new friendships and partnerships along the way. Time might be limited. but there is nothing but time to go through all the possible adventures that Gabriel should get to explore during The 100 Season 7

There is nothing but possibilities ahead for our favorite cardigan-wearing Sanctum treasure. Here is a thorough list to highlight the choices.

Bellamy + Clarke + Gabriel

Gabriel and Bellamy (and Clarke) - The 100 Season 6 Episode 11

Why choose when you don't actually have to?

All of the talk of Bellamy and Clarke vs. Bellamy and Gabriel vs. Clarke and Gabriel is completely missing the point of stirring it together. 

When you have three incredible characters with chemistry, there is nothing wrong with not forcing yourself to limit it because only one pairing has a chance.

If you think about how much fans have been misinterpreting when it comes to the Bellarke, chances are that the only way to see a Bellamy and Clarke as endgame is if it isn't just them.

Gabriel is the perfect way to update those expectations, while, at the same time, having a fantastic character connect with the leads. 

There is an energy throughout The 100 Season 6 that made it very clear what those three could have to offer. If nothing else, these three should be in charge of all plans when it comes to defeating the brand new evil in the final season.

Do with that information what you will, but Chuku Modu heard about Bellamy + Clarke + Gabriel personally from me at Unity Days 2020, and he was on board with the idea. He very much enjoyed the concept of love all around on The 100, so let that help you form your opinion on this OT3 if you need to. 

Gabriel + Clarke

G + C

Hear me out, Clarke is always in the market for a new friend. 

Other characters may have been there for her, but it doesn't look like that will exist the way it once was. You can't always go back to the same place after blaming Clarke and removing yourself from her life. And if we are being honest, most of them should have reacted more when they heard she was dead.

Obviously, Bellamy was the only one who could have a telenovela-style reaction to losing his soulmate. Yet some of the others barely cared before they were moving onto the next topic in the group conversation.

Enter Gabriel Santiago.

The scene in which he lets Clarke slap him so she can find a way to process losing Abby was a glimpse at what could be.

There is common ground that the two could find together, and on a show like The 100, most of the characters could always do with more genuine friendships.  

Gabriel + Bellamy

Bellamy and Gabriel

Hello darkness my old friend. 

As someone with experience when it comes to speaking something into existence, Bellamy and Gabriel's potential relationship is the best thing to come out of that. It isn't clear how much time they could spend together, but it is very obvious that fandom would be for it.

Between Chuku and Bob's magnetic chemistry and Bellamy and Gabriel's dynamic energy, there are plenty of options for them.

And while no one would say no to some romantic bonding, it is safe to say that any shared scenes will be perfect. 

If Gabriel witnessed Bellamy saving Clarke, then maybe there are some ideas there. Just give us these two wonderful characters talking by a campfire and call it an amazing day.

Gabriel + Jordan

Jordan Offers Insight - The 100 Season 6 Episode 4

Let me paint you a picture. Gabriel is a loner from his people, trying to forge a new, last life on Sanctum. At the same time, Jordan finds himself isolated from the people he expected to grow close to, and now he is branching out to find the next steps for his life.

So what if these two figured that out together?

To be honest, Gabriel and Jordan are both in the market for a friend. More than that, though, they need someone who is on their side that they can count on.

It isn't clear where loyalities will lie and who will trust whom, but it would be nice to look forward to these two soft characters sharing a storyline together. If we assume Jordan has something planned for that mind drive, then we can assume that Gabriel has the knowledge to either help or supportively stop him.

Also, there is something beautiful about Monty's hope for a better world, which Jordan has represented in the form of his innocence, and Gabriel trying to approach the same endgame for his life now that he is no longer part of Sanctum.

Chuku Modu actually brought up in our interview with him that he would like to see Gabriel share more scenes with Jordan in the final scene, so in a way, it is all coming together.

Gabriel + Raven

Raven and Jordan - The 100 Season 6 Episode 1

It might be random when you think about how far removed Gabriel and Raven are, yet there is a spark that exists.

It doesn't necessarily need to be romantic. It could be built on throwing two characters together and seeing what happens. You don't always know the possible storylines that can be created unless you mess around with where each person exists on the board .

It would be fun to see Raven and Gabriel interact, maybe using their brilliant minds to help piece the Anomaly puzzle together. Not every friendship has to be huge within the context of the show to be a scene-stealing glimpse into something new and exciting. 

Gabriel + Octavia

Gabriel and Octavia

It isn't exactly clear what was growing between Gabriel and Octavie, although The 100 instinct was laying the groundwork for romance.

The only question is whether Octavia is even alive. If we are going to assume that she is, then there is room for Gabriel and Octavia to share more scenes.

They are caught up in the same storyline, and Gabriel wasn't closest to her before she disappeared. That doesn't mean much since they weren't sharing that much between one another. But a bond grows when you help someone figure out how to flip the switch on their character development.

Gabriel will help to get Octavia back, and things will gradually go from there. Right?

Gabriel + Gaia


It's a reach, but here we are. 

Gaia usually has limited screentime, so getting ambitious with her friendships is a stretch, yet there is no way this list would exist without her on it. 

There is something about Gabriel and Gaia as separate characters that could bring them together in the narrative. Their connection to their faith, however different it may be, is a way to explore Gaia and Gabriel in this new normal that they will have to deal with.

Gaia was also much more understanding of the Sanctum situation so that she might warm up to Gabriel more quickly than other characters. In other words, they have to become friends, or there will be a huge opportunity lost in the future. Literally.

Gabriel + Emori

Gabriel and His Jokes - The 100 Season 6 Episode 12

It is out of left field, yet it was almost meant to be.

Gabriel and Emori both have a sarcastic edge to them, one that automatically made them stand out when they joined the show. They also share the views of an outsider, with Emori trying to come to terms with that during The 100 Season 6. She wasn't exactly sure where she fit in, and Gabriel is in the same boat.

He can't be with the Children of Gabriel since he is still living off a USB drive upload, and he isn't exactly welcome back to Sanctum.

The bond, romantic or platonic, comes from a point of understanding. And it seems like Gabriel and Emori have enough in common to hang out together in between the war.

Gabriel + Russell

Gabriel vs. Russell  - The 100 Season 6 Episode 12

The drama between Russell and Gabriel has been strong since the day they were properly introduced.

Through their work resurrecting Josephine, they had a bond, which then became an all-out war on the new moon. Everything got messy once our favorite characters got involved, with Gabriel's secret officially out, and Russell stripped of his power and family.

And while Gabriel has more going for him if he tries to help solve the Anomaly mystery, Russell is stuck in limbo back in Sanctum.

The two coming together might not end in friendship, but there is potential for some grade A, epic content. Exploring their interactions now that their USB drives are divided in practice and possession is a fascinating concept. 

Gabriel + Hope

Gabriel and his Cardigan  - The 100 Season 6 Episode 13

Gabriel and Hope bonding in the new season feels like a sure thing, at this point.

With Gabriel meeting Hope because of Octavia's connection to the Anomaly and Hope having no one there for her after killing Octavia, all roads lead back to partnership.

Gabriel and Hope would have to work together to find her a way back to her home, wherever that may be. But since the Anomaly world and the Sanctum world will definitely come together, there isn't any other option besides working together.

Gabriel + Indra

Gabriel and his People - The 100 Season 6 Episode 13

Can you imagine the power that would come from a scene shared between Gabriel and Indra?

I can't either, which is exactly why I want to find out.

Technically there is no straight line that connects them in a storyline for the final season, but that hasn't stopped the show yet. The 100 loves to do pair-ups that aren't always predictable, so why can't Gabriel and Indra find a way to build a friendship?

Chances are that the Anomaly and the flame are connected, so regardless, they have to cross paths to put the puzzle together. And maybe they'll give us some epic interactions at the same time.

Gabriel + Diyoza

Gabriel Makes a Friend - The 100 Season 6 Episode 8

This friendship might be a bit harder to attain, with Diyoza existing but not actually existing right now. Last we saw, Diyoza walked into the Anomaly, and Octavia claimed she was dead.

But there was something about our interview with Ivana Miličević that makes us think that there will be more to come. And whatever the future might be for Diyoza, it seemed like she bonded, even slightly, with Gabriel before she disappeared.

So when she returns to present-day Sanctum, a friendly face wouldn't be the worst thing to wish for. There's also a chance they will cross paths because Gabriel and Hope will have Anomaly-related scenes together, so in a way, it is all coming together perfectly.

Are there any Gabriel relationships that you want before the show wraps? Are they platonic or romantic? Which Gabriel-focused relationship have you enjoyed so far? Is there a limit to how much room there is for our collective Gabriel love?

What kind of ending are you hoping for Gabriel as the series starts to wrap up? Did Gabriel steal scenes, or did he steal your heart?

What ending would you like to see in the last season of the show?

Let us know what you think below!

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Yana Grebenyuk was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in April 2021.

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