The 100: Shannon Kook on His Fan-Favorite Existence, a Peek at Jordan's Final Journey, and Online Support

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There come points in a show's trajectory where a new character arrives, but it isn't just any character, this will be someone who changes the way everything is viewed.

Enter Jordan Green.

It feels safe to say that in many ways, Jordan has more potential than a show like The 100 knows what to do with. And while some of that has to do with the iconic background of the character, a lot more of it has to do with the actor who brought Jordan to life.

Shannon Kook is not only a skilled actor; he is someone who cares so much about the material and the work that he is involved in. One could even say that Jordan shares that quality with Shannon.

Shannon Kook - The 100

For fandom, this is the best scenario, though, with Shannon always bringing nothing but joy and infectious excitement off-screen. It doesn't matter what may be happening within the show, if Shannon is online and interacting with fandom then that makes it a better day already.

This is a talent that Shannon Kook is also able to transfer on-screen, existing on The 100 and carving out more space than there is sometimes left for his character. 

But that does prove that Shannon's potential can't be passed over, it radiates whenever he is on our screens and the promise of what could be never dulls.

No matter how the story chooses to include him in the final season, Shannon Kook created a memory of his unbelievable existence in the show and also changed the way a hiatus would work for the fans.

In a way Shannon and Jordan brought their own bright light when they arrived in The 100 community, and with that came the hope of something better as the story progressed. 

There is no proper way to thank Shannon Kook for instilling happiness off-screen and a new level of hope on screen. All we can do is look forward to The 100 Season 7 and beyond, supporting both actor and character wherever they may end up.

Jordan Green 1

Last time we saw Jordan, though, he was going through a rough time, attaching himself to the Priya mind drive and losing much of his innocence in the process. There is now this worry that because none of his parent's friends kept an eye on him, the path he is about to go on might harm him even more.

And for a fan-favorite character like Jordan Green, the idea of him suffering is more than fandom can handle right about now.

Taking some time out to answer our questions, Shannon Kook shares his thoughts on the connection Jordan currently has with those around him and also touches on the state that we can expect to see his character in when the final season of The 100 airs.

Shannon also mentions the way that the online community has affected him and his time on The 100. 

Shortly after this interview was posted Shannon Kook was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, which fans can help him win by voting right here!

In a way, it feels like both Jordan, and the audience expected more from the space group when it came to their relationship with Jordan and the way they looked out for him. So do you think going into Season 7 Jordan might not be looking for that from them as much?

Yes, I think it’s a pill to swallow for Jordan. A reality check. One can’t blame his good nature and idealism toward the faces behind the glass, But it’s also an opportunity for Jordan to look inward at who he is, outside the narrative of others – whether they are there for him or not.


Jordan and Madi both lost some of their innocence in Sanctum. Where would you like to see these unofficial siblings end up, and is there that hope for them to reconcile?

I’ve always had hope for scenes between Madi and Jordan, especially because I love Lola. I remember weaseling food into one of our scenes together and absolutely loving the moments with her, on and off camera.

There is such a breath of humanity in these moments, experiencing something for the first time with someone. I try to keep Madi and Jordan’s fresh look on life in my own perspective to things in my own life.

Jordan and Madi - The 100 Season 6 Episode 4

Russell and Gabriel discussed this season whether the truth or faith has more power, what do you think holds more power over Jordan right now?

Jordan’s soul is searching. For both.

Is there anything you can tease about Jordan's journey after that cult and mind drive revelation in the finale?

No, because every time I’m led to think the script is heading one way, it changes. We’ve felt on our toes this entire season!

How worried do you think the Nightbloods in Sanctum may need to be about Jordan and his Priya mind drive? 

Well, they didn’t know about that when we last left off. What you don’t know can’t hurt you. 

Where do you think Jordan's head is at as we prepare for Season 7? Where do you think his heart is headed?

I think he’s searching for both.


There was unfortunately episode breaks where Jordan's story didn't always happen on screen. What was your approach to filling in those blanks for yourself and the audience?

Yes, it was unfortunate. It was hard to fill because I wasn’t clear on where things were heading. So all I could do was play the scene and let the audience and edit of the episodes fill the story.

As an actor, who would you like to share more scenes within Season 7? And who would you like to see Jordan paired off with more?

I’ve always wanted Jordan to encounter Octavia more, the girl under the floor. There was a wonderful scene between them in the first episode of Season 6, but it got cut at the last minute because of time constraints, and other story elements were more necessary.

I loved reading it so that paired with their parallels – I’ve always been curious about them being paired. They’re such a contrast and I’ve always loved Marie’s work.


What do you think is the version of happiness that Jordan is looking for right now? What do you think is the version of happiness that Jordan deserves to have?

Jordan has a thirst to experience life. Unfortunately, the ups come with downs, and he wasn’t unaware of that potential when deciding to leave the sanctity of the ship with his parents.

What was it like coming back in the The 100 Season 6 finale and having to channel that kind of fragile but emotionally significant shift in Jordan?

It was fun to give him more weight and strip away some of his inexperience.

Were you surprised by how Jordan's story ended in Season 6?

Certainly. But that’s The 100 for ya!

Jordan G

With grown-up Hope Diyoza appearing on the show now, there are officially enough "kids" (Madi, Jordan, Hope) to start a club. Do you think Jordan would appreciate having more children of the original adults around with him?

Hell to the yeah!

In a throwaway Jordan line about missing heart Bellamy, he managed to kickstart an arc for Bellamy where he followed his heart to save Clarke.

Then we saw Bellamy checking in with Jordan and clearly with his slight brainwashing conditions that check-in felt a little hollow. Do you think there's room for Bellamy and Jordan's relationship to get to a more honest and heartfelt place?

I appreciate your eye and heart. I think there’s a universe of room for Jordan’s relationship with all of the characters. He is still very much an outsider. 

Jordan Green

How has it been having such a supportive fanbase within The 100 community for both you and Jordan? What has the experience been like having such a strong amount of support even before Jordan truly appeared on screen?

Even though there was so much less for Jordan than I expected, this show has truly changed the shape and course of my life. It sings further than what you see on screen, and for that, I am entirely moved, and graciously thankful.

There’s always room to say something isn’t enough. But then there’s even more reason to see why something is more than enough, and how lucky we are.

The fans are a ginormous part of that, and you are certainly a part of why I am quite sad to say farewell to before I think we even really got in the boat together. It is nonetheless, a heartfelt wave from a distance, and I’m hopeful for you to have a prequel that speaks to you even further.

I’m not just sad it’s ending for Jordan, but very much to have the show end for all of you. 

Bellamy and Jordan

It is certainly a shame to have the show come to a close.

The support before Jordan even fully arrived was such a testament to what the fans are like, amidst all the disagreements and trolling online there is still an overcoming melody of a family amongst you – becoming friends, some becoming life partners and falling in love.

I met one couple at a convention and was brought to uncontrollable tears by their story. I had to leave and come back.

You are very real people, and our characters are not. Every great ounce you take from this show – the bravery or humanity you hold onto and are sad to lose when a character passes – please put that magic into your real selves and loved ones.

Let it embolden your soul, and feed your space rather than detest, protest, and point fingers.

The best parts in my career have been seeing how stories have evolved people through their trials and tribulations. Be the hero of your own story now.

The last time I’ve felt this sort of love and support was during my days on Degrassi. But even they grew on to other things. Understandably, all I can say is it has been wonderful while it has lasted with you all, and I wish sunshine on your backs and faces. Two suns baby.

What has been the best part of playing Jordan so far?

Moving to Vancouver, being embraced by all of you, and reminded by Jordan to sift through life with a full heart and wide senses.


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