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Did Jocasta manage to get the help she needed?

On Outlander Season 5 Episode 8, Jocasta mourned the loss of a loved one, leading to some devastating scenes. 

Suddenly Thrilled - Outlander Season 5 Episode 8

With Murtaugh's death sending ripples though the community, everyone came together to say goodbye. 

Meanwhile, Brianna continued to struggle with the horros inflicted on her life by Stephen. 

How did she move on following the latest wave of bad things to happen?

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

You're alive. You're whole. All is well.


Roger: People live and die by their words. They shape our thoughts and deeds. Often, they define us. Like bullets, once fired, we can't take them back. They have impact, so choose them wisely. Live a life worthy of them, especially your last words. They outlive us.
Morgan: And what will yours be, sir?
Roger: It is my dying wish, oh Lord, that my students write structured arguments supported by evidence and legible handwriting. Amen!
Student: No, really, sir.
Roger: I'd say, I'd say let history forget my name, so long as my words and my deeds are remembered by those I love.