Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Tradition

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On Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 5, the Perrys celebrate the holidays without Scott for the first time. 

From Halloween to Christmas, their traditions are changing. As Larry said, they have to figure out their new traditions now that the tradition-keeper is gone. 

But what does that look like?

Handling the Holidays - Council of Dads

On Halloween, not much changed for the Perry family. They still dress up and go trick-or-treating. 

But this year, Theo is escorted home by a police officer. Who also happens to be the guy Robin has a crush on. 

It's awkward, to say the least. But Sam is really sweet about it. He lets Theo off with a warning for underage drinking.

Speaking of kids, how's my boy Theo?


On the surface, Theo seems to be the Perry child most affected by Scott's death. He's angry and acting out. But, as time progressed in this episode, he seems to be learning how to cope with the loss. In large part, that's due to his new friends. Specifically, Jules.

It's great to see the talented Madison Bailey in a role outside of Outer Banks, so hopefully, we'll be seeing more of her soon. 

Grandma's Here - Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 5

On Thanksgiving, Robin's mom Patricia arrives for a visit. She and Robin don't have the closest relationship. But, her mom is there for her when she's in need. According to Patricia, that's not nearly enough.

She feels excluded from the family because Robin's relies on the council. It makes sense. You'd want to be the one there for your daughter and her family instead of three random guys. 

But then again, the council isn't really random. Scott hand-picked who he thought would be the best to fill in his shoes, and so far he's been right. There's still ups and downs, but the council's helping. 

And Robin probably wouldn't want to have her mom around all the time. It's sad, though. Her mom's lonely. She lives alone and is unmarried. She would love to stay with the Perrys. 

But for now, being there on holidays is enough. That was especially important for Robin on Christmas. 

Sam and Robin - Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 5

When she became overwhelmed with grief on Christmas day, Patricia stepped in and gave her a way out. They decided to cancel their celebration. 

Any holiday is hard after the loss of a loved one, but Christmas was bound to be the toughest. It's a holiday full of love and being together with your family, and Scott's absence is more noticeable than ever. 

So, Robin changes it up. Everyone goes to help Luly and Evan paint their house instead of their usual celebrations. I was surprised how onboard all of the kids were with this, but they were probably feeling the same way Robin was.

I don't know what they'll do next year, as I'd imagine they won't be repainting the same house, but I'm sure they'll come up with another way to celebrate.

As time was passing throughout the episode, we saw Robin and Sam getting closer and closer. They were bound to act on the chemistry between them at some point. It's probably for the best they didn't start the tradition of a late-night run on Christmas since ten days later Sam was considering working things out with his ex-wife.

New OTP Alert - Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 5

It's a shame that Robin's first real attempt at getting back out there came to an end so quickly. She really liked Sam, and he was a nice guy. But it seems the show might be heading towards a Robin and Anthony romance after all.

He buys Robin a beautiful necklace but buys his girlfriend a ski coat. He asks Robin if she thinks he's in love with Margot. He might not even realize it, but there's definitely unaddressed feelings between the two. As of right now, it doesn't seem to be mutual on Robin's end, but it won't be surprising if that changes in the future. 

I could definitely see that pairing being the one they're building to. We might be in for a nice slow-burn storyline.

Speaking of couples, Oliver and Peter's reconciliation wins the award for the best moment of the episode. Things have been tense between the two because of Eddie, but their love will prevail. Oliver is so angry at Peter only because he's terrified of losing him. 

Painting Time - Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 5

He loves him, and doesn't want their relationship or their family to fall apart. Adding the stress of his struggles with his family and acceptance on top of that, it makes complete sense why he's been so on edge. 

I want everyone to know that I vow, without guilt or shame, to love you, to hold you, to stand by your side through the good times and bad until my last breath.


He went through a lot to get to this place where he's in a happy, loving relationship, and he doesn't want anything to affect it. You can tell from how he read his vows to Peter, and how Peter recited them along with him, that these two are madly in love. 

Who else is rooting for them?

Glass Cieling - Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 5

Stray Thoughts

  • Patricia's attempt to correct herself after misgendering JJ was a great step in the right direction. 
  • It's convenient that David Walton's character is named Sam because he will always be Sam from New Girl in my mind.
  • Charlotte's breaking-the-glass-ceiling Halloween costume was adorable. But, what's going on with her? She had a strange talk with Tess early in the episode and loses consciousness at the end. The two events don't seem to be related, but I'm not sure if we're supposed to be picking up on something that I didn't.

What did you think of the new traditions?

Do you think Robin and Anthony are meant to be?

Did you like Scott's present to the family?

If you missed the episode, you can watch Council of Dads online here at TV Fanatic anytime.

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Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

What happens to the traditions when the tradition-keeper is gone?


Robin: How do you dress up as spaghetti and meatballs?
Sam: No idea, but it's gonna be amazing.