Pablo Schreiber Weighs In on Pornstache's Happy Ending on Orange Is the New Black

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When we got the opportunity to chat with Pablo Schreiber about his role on the Apple TV+ series, Defending Jacob, we also took a couple of minutes to ask his thoughts on the popular Orange Is the New Black character, George 'Pornstache' Mendez.

If you watched the one-time Netflix flagship show in its entirety, then you know Pornstache wasn't always the nicest guy.

Still, he got some comeuppance for his poor (and criminal) behavior when Daya framed him for her pregnancy, but he seems to have had the last laugh as a father of two without that flagrant pornstache!

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Schreiber knew his character well, and he kindly shared his thoughts on the surprising sendoff Mendez got in the series finale.

"Orange Is the New Black is a very unique show. I think one of the very redeeming and wonderful qualities that Jenji [Kohan] has as a writer, is doing the unexpected with characters.

"Turning characters that you think of one way, completely turning them on their head so that you think of them a completely different way by the end.

"And one of the great qualities of Orange Is the New Black, as well as that it covers serious themes, is that it's also incredibly funny, and it should be."

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"It tries to walk that line of living in both worlds, being a meaningful piece of art that talks about the state of women's prison and all those things. And at the same time can be uproariously hilarious and should not be taken incredibly seriously."

Schreiber continued, "I say that because you can look at the character of Pornstache in both ways. You could look at it in the very dangerous quality of the character.

"He's arguably a rapist, a drug dealer, all of these terrible abuses of power. And he really was the thing that all of the inmates were scared of. He had to be legitimately frightening, for the show to work in the first season.

"And at the same time, he was also kind of the comedic heart of the show and showed you how to watch the show -- that you're allowed to laugh at the characters, that at the same time as being very serious, it's also completely absurd and ridiculous. And you're allowed to laugh at them."

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"And so, in that same way that he was responsible for both sides, you could look at the character both ways," Schreiber said.

And it's that duality that Schreiber thinks lends credence to a two-sided argument about Pornstache's happy ending.

"And if you wanted to make an argument that it was irresponsible for him to be shown with the child at the end, that he should obviously not be put in that position to have the child after his prior crimes, you could make that argument. And I might agree with you," Schreiber laughed.

"And at the same time, as a fictional character who was responsible for a great deal of entertainment and laughter and upending of expectations, you could also make the argument that it was a very fitting end for him to be given this moment of redemption at the end with the child.

Pornstache Happy Ending

"So, I wouldn't argue with you either way. I think you're both right. You're all right. And that's all I need to say about that," Schreiber said, laughing again.

What side of the argument would you make?

If you're still thinking about the quirky Netflix series, drop a comment below.

And be here again tomorrow for more with Schreiber as he chats about Defending Jacob's Neal Loguidice, who will be prosecuting Jacob in a harrowing installment.

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