The 100 Season 7 Teaser Promo: Nobody Is Safe In Sanctum

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No matter where they go, danger will always follow them.

Fans finally got to actually see some of what The 100 Season 7 will bring with a new teaser promo. 

The upcoming final season is as ambitious as always, giving us glimpses of new characters, new surroundings, and new attempts to not start a new war.


Based on the scenes we did manage to see in the promo, there are just as many things that make sense that don't.

It looks like Bellamy Blake is still in pain after seeing his sister get taken into the Anomaly, and he might not be that far behind her.

As for Octavia, it is a mystery where she actually is because there are hints of her all over the place. She will clearly be very embedded in Hope's life, but the sneak peeks of Hope as a child makes you wonder about the time of it all.

Especially when it comes to Octavia, it is never clear how time works when she is involved, which has to be an extension of the Anomaly at work. 


Spotting Octavia in a Mount Weather room, with a Dante-like person coming into it? We have no idea how any of this works, but sign us up! 

Now the show's lead, Clarke Griffin, didn't give us any read on her story or the journey she might be going on. But there is still good news because Clarke Griffin is still a badass, and she even has a brand new leather jacket to show for it!

Appearances are a big shakeup in the promo, with Raven also sporting a new jacket ,and Emori appearing like we have never seen her before.

The most confusing look though, is actually all Hope and Echo, from masks to new haircuts.


This group of people with rather amazing masks seemed like Sanctum inspired residents, or maybe new characters from another planet. But a quick moment in the promo actually showed us that it was Hope and Echo, and yet they look very different from when we last saw them. 

The question then becomes; is the Anomaly about to take us on a futuristic trip around alternate worlds?

Fans still have to wait a little bit to find out the answer to that question, with the season still a little less than two weeks away.

It isn't clear when the full trailer will be released, but it feels like with this promo, the trailer should not be far behind. It would make sense to see the full trailer for the season specifically this week, with the poster being teased with a release date of next week.


For now, though, if any fans are feeling nostalgic while waiting for the final season, TV Fanatic has a new ongoing The 100 interview series. "Looking Back on The 100" that centers on monumental cast members and characters from the show that truly left their mark. 

We recently spoke with Eli Goree about his time on the show during The 100 Season 1 and the legacy he left behind. We also spoke with Michael Beach and the journey he had when it came to The 100. Keep checking TV Fanatic for more upcoming interviews with surprise cast members from seasons past.

What are some theories that you have after watching the promo? What hints did you catch that you think others may have missed?

Which character are you most worried about? Which storyline are you most excited for?

Do you think anything from the newly released title sequence connects to this new promo?

The 100 returns on Wednesday, May 20 at 8/7c on The CW.

Watch the full title sequence below and share all your thoughts with us in the comments section. 

Stick around TV Fanatic for more features, slideshows, episode previews, interviews, and reviews of the upcoming season, and watch The 100 online if you need to catch up on the adventure.

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