Big Brother Winners: Where Are They Now?

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Big Brother has been filled with drama since its inception 20 years ago. 

Several people have won the grand prize, and while some may not have deserved it, they managed to scheme their way to the top spot. 

With a second All-Stars season on the way, it's time to take a look back at some of the winners and where they are at today. 

eddie mcgee

Eddie McGee (Season 1)

Big Brother was a very different game when it launched back in the year 2000. 

McGee played a decent enough game and is the first-ever winner of the U.S. iteration. 

In the years since his win, he has worked as an actor, with roles in The Human Race and God's Pocket. 

will kirby

Will Kirby (Season 2)

Will is one of the best players to ever enter the house. There's no doubt about that. 

He subsequently returned to the game in Big Brother: All Stars, and finished in fourth place. 

Kirby has stayed in the world of entertainment since, hosting NBC's Love Shack, working on Robot Chicken, as well as multiple other TV appearances. 

Kirby married For Love or Money star Erin Brodie in 2017. 

Additionally, he pops up on Big Brother here and there as the host of the jury round table. 

lisa donahie

Lisa Donahue (Season 3)

Donahue was the first female winner after scheming her way to the top spot. 

She followed that up by becoming an actress and scored appearances in Entourage and Dr. Vegas. 

Nowadays, however, she works as a photographer. 

jun song

Jun Song (Season 4)

Song performed very well in the fourth season. 

She went on to marry Davy Goethals in 2010 and moved to his native Belgium. 

They welcomed one son together before calling time on their relationship in 2017. 

drew daniel

Drew Daniel (Season 5)

Unlike many of his counterparts, Daniel does not use social media and has kept a low profile since winning. 

Therefore, we have no idea what the fifth winner is up to nowadays. 


Maggie Ausburn (Season 6)

Maggie was crowned a winner on the sixth season but has kept a low profile since winning. 

While there's nothing concrete about her, it has been reported that she got married and had twins. 

boogie bb

Mike "Boogie" Malin (Season 7)

He may be in the media for all the wrong reasons of late, but he followed up his win by appearing on VH1's Famous Food. 

He has also had a minor acting career and returned to Big Brother 14 for another season of drama.

dick donato

Dick “Evel Dick” Donato (Season 8)

Dick was one of the biggest reality TV villains at the time of his winning. Having won in 2007, he returned four years later. 

However, he exited the series on Day 6 after learning he was diagnosed with HIV. 

He now hosts a digital Big Brother recap called Dick at Night.


Adam Jasinski (Season 9)

Jasinski found himself in hot water with the law on drug possession charges and failing to file a tax return the year he won the series. 

He spent four years behind bars. 

He resurfaced in 2017,saying that he was 8-years sober and even published a book. 

Dan Gheesling Picture

Dan Gheesling (Season 10)

Gheesling is one of the best players to ever enter the house. 

He returned in Season 14 and served as the runner-up, proving that he is a strategic player. 

Gheesling is also well-known for his live streaming on Twitch, as well as Youtube channels. 

Big Brother: Jordan Lloyd

Jordan Lloyd (Season 11)

Lloyd won the grand prize in the house, as well as the heart of fellow houseguest Jeff Schroeder. 

They competed together on The Amazing Race, and even stopped by another season of Big Brother. 

They married in 2016 and have two children together. 

Hayden Moss Picture

Hayden Moss (Season 12)

Hayden was part of one of the most successful alliances to date. 

He went on to star on Survivor: Blood vs. Water, ultimately finishing in seventh place. 

Moss is also rumored to be taking part in All-Stars 2. 

Rachel Reilly (Big Brother)

Rachel Reilly (Season 13)

Reilly met her husband, Brendon Villegas, during Season 12. 

They returned for Season 13, and Rachel managed to secure a surprise win. She has appeared on the show multiple times since. 

She has since appeared on shows like The Amazing Race and Fear Factor. 

ian terry

Ian Terry (Season 14)

Ian dominated the game in 2012 and became a physics teacher, but he is now a consulting analyst. 

herren 2

Andy Herren (Season 15)

Andy Herren won the most controversial season of the series. 

He recently took issue with not being asked back to the show because of everything that happened his season. 

To be fair, CBS seems to imply his season does not exist. 

Derrick Levasseur - Big Brother

Derrick Levasseur (Season 16)

Derrick's gameplay was praised by fans, and he managed to emerge with the win. 

The former police sergeant now works on Investigation Discovery's Breaking Homicide. 

He also released a book in 2018.

steve moses

Steve Moses (Season 17)

Moses graduated from the State University of New York at Fredonia in 2016 following his big win.

After getting his MFA in sound design at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, he moved to Orlando, Florida, where he owns a territory of his franchise, Oasis Senior Advisors.

nicole franzel

Nicole Franzel (Season 18)

Nicole took home the prize in her second season. 

While she left the house in a relationship with Cory Brooks, she later got engaged to co-star Victor Arroyo. 

They also competed on The Amazing Race, and host a podcast. 

Nicole is expected to appear on All-Stars 2. 

morgan willet

Morgan Willett (Over the Top)

The digital spinoff featured solid gameplay from most of the cast. 

Morgan followed up her win by appearing on Ex on the Beach and The Challenge. 

She is now in a relationship with Challenge champ Johnny Bananas. 

Josh Martinez - Big Brother

Josh Martinez (Season 19)

Martinez has remained in the world of reality TV. 

He has appeared in three seasons of The Challenge, and is expected to return to Big Brother for All-Stars 2.

Kaycee Clark on The Challenge

Kaycee Clark (Season 20)

Kaycee won the 20th season, and went on to appear on The Challenge. 

Her name keeps popping up for a spot on All-Stars. 

Jackson Michie on Big Brother 21

Jackson Michie (Season 21)

Jackson was a controversial winner. He moved to Los Angeles to be with Holly Allen. 

But they broke up earlier this year, and Michie now serves as a social media influencer. 

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