Killing Eve Season 4 Production Postponed

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Villanelle and Eve may be able to outsmart each other on a weekly basis, but they are no match for the coronavirus pandemic. 

Deadline is reporting that production on Killing Eve Season 4 has been postponed. 

The news is not all that surprising, especially when you consider the beautiful locations across Europe the series films in. 

Keeping Tabs - Killing Eve

If you watch Killing Eve online, you know we've been around the globe with this series, and sticking to one location would completely change the fabric of the series. 

While many series struggled to finish out their seasons, Killing Eve Season 3 was already in the can when the pandemic hit, so AMC and BBC America moved up the premiere date. 

Wistful Villanelle - Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 8

Now, however, the series willl not be returning to production in August as it has done the previous three years. 

Sid Gentle Films is postponing production on the award-winning drama series that stars Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh. 

Killing Eve Season 3 concluded with Eve and Villanelle in London, and agreeing to part ways. 

To reiterate that to viewers, they go their separate ways on a bridge but turn back to each other in the final moments of the episode. 

Who's hiring? - Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 8

It's an intriguing question, but it means that fans will have a long wait in store for Killing Eve Season 4 to dole out some answers. 

Given that Killing Eve was renewed for Season 4 in January, scripts would have already been written, so moving the locations around could prove to have a knock-on effect on the series. 

Deadline also shoots down a rumor that Oh was reluctant to fly to Europe to shoot the series. 

We're sure anyone would be reluctant about flying during these unprecedented times. 

A Waiting Game - Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 8

Killing Eve typically launches in the second quarter of the year, but depending on how the production delay shakes out, the series may be off the air for an extended time. 

The good news is that it has a relatively fast turnaround due to the lack of special effects, so we're sure new episodes will be with us when it is safe to produce them. 

The coronavirus pandemic brought the TV industry to a halt across the world earlier this year, and with the continued threat of the virus, it's unclear what lasting effects there will be on the industry. 

Some shows are keeping the cast and crew in bubbles to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Ticket Booth - Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 8

What are your thoughts on the news?

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