What To Watch: Greyhound, Stateless, Palm Springs

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After all your virtual fireworks, it's time to dig back into some virtual lives.

Good Witch Season 6 comes to an end this week, while Stateless drops on Netlfix. There are also some great streaming movies to be had and a double-shot of Blindspot.

Check it out.

WTW July 5

Sunday, July 5

9/8c Good Witch (Hallmark)

It's the Good Witch Season 6 finale, and that means a whole lot of stuff gets thrown into the air!

Will it all be solved by the time the credits roll?

Will Joy stay in Middleton? Will the curse get broken? Will Adam leave for his mission? And what about Cassie's teaching job? Find out in the finale, and meet back here afterward for a full review!

9/8c Yellowstone (Paramount)

I know. You get all of your Yellowstone coverage elsewhere. Well, too bad. I'm still going to talk about it!

We urgently need to know what kind of trouble Jamie will be in as a result of Deputy Hendon's grievous error. Can Lynelle keep him from frying?

We have no idea.

9/8c Snowpiercer (TNT)

The revolution is on and everyone's endangered as power plays abound from tip to The Tail.

Who will survive? Who will fall? Can an alliance with LJ truly be trusted? Our review unpacks it all!

9/8c Perry Mason (HBO)

E.B. begins to realize he's in over his head while Perry digs deeper into the case, which means he's got to get to know Paul Drake.

Monday, July 6

9/8c Betrayed (Investigation Discovery)

TV Fanatic's own Kerr Lordygan stars in this new episode, "The Body in the Cornfield." Just another good way to stalk him from home!

In it, Barbara Keim is juggling two ex-husbands and a rebellious teenage daughter with a questionable circle of friends. When Barbara goes missing, her sisters fear the worst.

Tuesday, July 7

8/7c Stargirl (The CW)

The fallout of Courtney's fight with Shiv AKA Cindy is anything but pretty.

With Courtney in recovery, the rest of the JSA take matters into their own hands to find out more about their mean girl classmate and Pat decides that it is time to come clean to Barbara.

10/9c Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story (USA)

Are we up for most despair from the Broderick family?

We have to be if we want to watch this show.

Wednesday, July 8

Stateless (Netflix)

Yvonne Strahovski stars in this Australian drama that documents how refugees who find themselves in a holding pattern waiting to get into the country or face deportation.

It examines how lives change when they come into contact with the immigration system whether as refugees, detainees, or even the employees tasked with holding it all together.

It's a pretty compelling watch.

8/7c The 100 (The CW)

It's time for the backdoor pilot of The 100's spin-off (that has not yet been picked up on The CW).

If you're a fan of the mythology of The 100 and want to know more about the nuclear apocalypse that forced most of the world's population into the sky, you'll want to check out this hour.

Plus, the infamous Becca makes an appearance!

10/9c Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC)

Mack and Deke have to fend for themselves now that the Zephyr has stranded them in 1982.

Based on the promo, it looks like they fully embrace the '80s and try to make the best of their time.

After all, who knows how long they will have to wait to catch up with the rest of the team?

Thursday, July 9

Doom Patrol (DC Universe/HBO Max)

Larry takes the leap and reconnects with his family while Dorothy and Baby Doll become BFFs.

Meanwhile, Cliff and Vic take to the streets, buddy-cop style.

What craziness will unfold when Baby Doll meets Dorothy's friends? How much mayhem can one and a half robots wreak on an unsuspecting city?

Feeling overwhelmed? Us too. Check out our review for our takeaway and questions.

8/7c Blindspot (NBC)

It's a pair of episodes leading up to the series finale.

First, with the surviving members of the team captured and held in FBI custody, Madeline and Ivy are in the final stages of their plan, but a few unlikely allies come out from the woodwork, trying to stop her before it's too late.

Then, as Ivy races to retrieve the devastating stash of ZIP bombs, but the remaining members of the team must rely on the help of a longtime thorn in their side, the very unstable genius Kathy Gustofson.

10/9c The Bold Type (Freeform)

Kat has let her verbal sparring turn into some serious sexual fantasies about Ava. Will it all come to a head when they pair up to do a photoshoot?

Jane and Scotty2Hotty are about to DTR, but is he really feeling the same spark that Jane is?

Now that Sutton has dropped the major truth bomb on Richard that she doesn't want kids she has to face the repercussions. Can their marriage survive wanting completely different futures?

Friday, July 10

Greyhound (Apple TV+)

Tom Hanks stars in this military drama inspired by true events.

The fate of the world resided on a unique battlefied, that underwater.

Just as important as the battles waging on land, was the struggle to get the soldiers onto those battlefields.

We don't want to miss this one.

Palm Springs (Hulu)

Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti star in this romantic comedy set in a Groundhog Day-like world that upends your expecations for all similar movies going forward.

If you don't have Hulu, you can also get a chance to see this at drive-in theaters this summer, and honestly, this is exactly the kind of movie that makes that experience worthwhile.

Part romance, part comedy, part sci-fi, Palm Springs is always entertaining.

J.K. Simmons, Camila Mendes, Tyler Hoechlin, and Peter Gallagher also star.

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