Big Brother Spoilers: And the New Head of Household Is...

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Big Brother said goodbye to a legend Thursday night when Janelle Pierzina was evicted by a vote of 9-2. 

Her exit was obvious:

The Queen of Big Brother donned a blue cocktail dress while her ride-or-die Kaysar was dressed for an endurance competition. 


Kaysar competed alongside Nicole, Ian, Cody, Memphis, Da'Vonne, Bayleigh, Christmas, Kevin, Dani, and Enzo. 

Tyler did not get to play because, well, he won HOH last week. The rules are in play for a reason, you guys. 

Enzo Week 1 Veto Winner - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 3

When we left the episode on Thursday, the new HOH had not been crowned, but the competition was underway. 

The feeds were down for hours after the competition, and when they returned, it became clear that Enzo won. 

Enzo was not a competition beast when he played on Big Brother 12, winning a single POV. 

On Big Brother 22, however, he's won a veto and now his first HOH ... ever. He's playing a great game and is in some of the most prominent alliances. 

Nicole Listening - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 3

Looking ahead to his nominations, there's no telling what he will do, but he has been open and honest about wanting Nicole and Ian on the block. 

They are former winners and have proven to be sneaky players, so that would be a great reason enough. 

However, Cody will be in Enzo's ear and will want to keep Nicole safe from the block. 

Unfortunately, Cody has started to question Nicole's loyalty and thinks she would side with Ian when it comes down to it. 

Cody after Safety - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 2

Might Cody give Enzo the go ahead to put Nicole and Ian on the block together? That would surely switch things up. 

Dani knows Nicole has the votes to stay, so it means that there's a good chance this could get Ian eliminated from the game. 

The safety suite is over, but we do know that secret rooms will become available throughout the summer. 

This could change Enzo's nominations somewhat. 

Kaysar Diary Room - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 3

What do you think will happen?

Hit the comments below. 

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