7 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Little Voice

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Apple TV+'s Little Voice hails from Jessie Nelson and Sara Bareilles, the power duo behind the Broadway hit, "Waitress."

It centers around a struggling artist in New York City, Bess King, who suffers from a bought of stage fright -- or awkwardness -- thanks to being laughed off a stage a year prior.

Bess is at a low in her personal life and her professional life, resulting in the perfect recipe for rich storylines and episodes that leave you wanting more. With a stellar cast and beautiful music, Little Voice is a show that everyone should check out.

The Little Voice

The Music

The music, obviously, is sensational thanks to the artistic genius that is Sara Bareilles.

From songs like "Simple and True" to "Dear Hope," each piece of music perfectly represents where Bess is at in her life at that specific moment. The songs never feel forced and are seamlessly worked into the show.

This isn't Glee, these songs are side-characters that support Bess's story instead of being fun distractions for the audience.

Bess dreams of being a musician, so if the music wasn't as beautiful as it is, the show wouldn't work, and we wouldn't be rooting for her to get a record deal. Thankfully Sara Bareilles is Sara Bareilles, making the music an integral part of what makes the show excel.

Finding Her Voice

Brittany O'Grady

Brittany O'Grady is a star (get it?), and casting her to be the lead in Little Voice was a very smart choice.

She plays a woman who is trying to find her voice while in her 20's with ease, making us love her one second and disagree with her the next. Bess is someone you want to root for, no matter how messed up she seems sometimes.

O'Grady is mesmerizing as Bess, from when she croons out a soulful song to when she comes face-to-face with the mother who abandoned her.

O'Grady was born to lead a show, and it's hard to ignore the fact that her casting played a major role in upping the quality of Little Voice.

Walking the Dogs - Little Voice

New York

Yes, New York City is the background of many, many shows. However, Little Voice uses New York in a subtle way that allows for its characters to shine, instead of the city itself.

Bess isn't there because she had big-city dreams, and she's not a fish out of water who moved there after high school. New York has always been her home, and it's refreshing to see the show stepping away from the stereotypes that follow most shows like Little Voice.

The city isn't this flashy, unattainable dream like it is in a majority of shows that revolve around struggling artists. It's just the backdrop to Bess's story.

Little Voice really could take place anywhere, it just happens to be in New York. The most that we do see of the city is through Bess's brother, Louie, because of his passion for Broadway, which is another reason in itself to watch the show.

Prisha - Little Voice

While Little Voice is set in New York, the audience isn't constantly slapped in the face with that knowledge, which is partly what sets it apart from others that have preceded it.

Diversity and Representation

New York is the biggest city in the United States, and it is made up of a widely diverse group of people. It's about time that TV recognized that, and, thankfully, Little Voice did not stick to the status quo of making their lead characters all straight, white, and non-disabled.

The cast of Little Voice is made up of people of all colors, sexualities, and everything in between. To give a few examples, the lead, Bess, is half-Black, her roommate and best friend, Prisha, is South Asian and gay, and Louie has autism.

This is a series that paints a real picture of the world we live in, and so many people can see themselves in the characters on it.

Bess and Samuel - Little Voice

Relatable Characters

In my opinion, there can never be too many coming-of-age television shows, and that is partly because the characters on them are so relatable.

One of the reasons we watch television shows is because we are looking for something, whether that is to be inspired or to feel seen. Most times, it's both, and Little Voice excels at the two aspects.

The characters that make up the show -- Bess, Prisha, Samuel, Louie, Ethan, and so on -- are all well developed, complex people who you can't help but root for because they inspire you, and you can see yourself in all of them.

They aren't perfect in any way. They make mistakes and they have their rises and falls just like the rest of us. The characters of Little Voice are all relatable humans, and that is something we need more of on television.

Moving On - Little Voice

Undeniable Chemistry

Not only do the characters excel on their own with their individual stories, but they also play off one another to create epic and meaningful relationships.

The most important dynamic on the show is Bess and Louie. They are each other's person, and they understand one another more than anyone else. The love they have for one another is evident as they grew up together under unfortunate circumstances.

The scenes between the sister and brother duo are some of the best on the show, and that's thanks to the writing of the two characters and to the two actors that play them.

Other relationships like Bess and Prisha, Prisha and Ananya, and Bess and Samuel are also highlights. And a show is nothing unless they have relatable characters and a few dynamic duos.

Bess - Little Voice

The Beauty in its Simplicity

To put it in simple terms, which the show does through one of its songs, Little Voice is about hope.

Bess has hope that she will one day be able to sing her own songs for a living. Louie hoped that his mother would return and he hopes that his Broadway vlog will be a success. Prisha hopes that she will one day be able to feel comfortable being herself around her family.

There's nothing outlandishly extraordinary about Little Voice. There's no aliens or crazy plot twists, it's just a real story about real people who have no choice but to hope for better days. And that is sort of where we are now in the world.

It's a simple message, but it's a powerful and beautiful one.

I'll hand it over to you, TV Fanatics!

Have you watched Little Voice yet? Or do you now plan on giving it a try?

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